Beachcomber Surfers Resort Reviews for

Beachcomber Surfers Resort Reviews

Average rating of 4.3 from 44 reviews


I rate it at a 5 because it was so good! Amazing staff and great security who were always lovely the whole time. I would definitely recommend Beach Comber to everyone because it was the place to be and everything was a short walk away and I felt the price was really good too. Thank you!

30 Nov 2017
Nathan v

Very good Stay, great staff & Security

5 Dec 2016
River E

My stay was really good at Beachcombers at it was very close to Cavil and the beach. The only drawback probably was the elevators at the time as one broke down and another was stuffing up so everyone was grumpy to use elevator number 2.

29 Dec 2015
Courtney J


17 Dec 2015
Bianca H

Great besides the lifts

16 Dec 2015

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