Gold Coast Week 1 All Ages Parties
Gold Coast Schoolies Week 1 Party Pass

Party Pass

The Party Pass is your entry into the best parties, events and venues of Week 1 at Schoolies on the Gold Coast. Make sure you grab an All Age Party Pass for access to all 3 events!
(exclusive to bookings and not sold externally) throw the 3 Biggest All Ages parties of Week 1:

Glow Party

Lights turn purple, the glow paint goes on and glow sticks come out while some of the biggest DJ’s smash out some of the sweet, sweet EDM!

Beach Party

Bringing the beach into nightclub with epic DJ sets makes the Beach Party a tropical night haven for schoolies!

Snapchat Party

Write your snapchat handle on your shirt sticker and send snaps throughout the night. See a hottie? Add them and send them a snap!

Don't forget to follow schoolies on snapchat for all the fun: @schooliesdotcom

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