Terms & Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below outline the terms associated with the use of our Websites and you will be bound by these conditions upon booking.

1. General
1.1 The Schoolies.com and BookSchoolies.com websites ("Schoolies.com websites,") are operated by Group Travel Manager Pty Ltd (ACN 132 055 077) ("GTM").
1.2 Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as these conditions incorporate the basis on which bookings via the Schoolies.com websites are accepted.
1.3 By using the Schoolies.com websites, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and also the provisions of our Privacy Policy.
1.4 GTM reserves the right at any time to vary, revise, add, amend, modify or delete the Schoolies.com websites including these terms and conditions. The amended terms and conditions will take effect immediately upon being posted on the Schoolies.com websites and.
1.5 The laws of Queensland govern the operation of the Schoolies.com websites and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland.
1.6 If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the remainder of the terms and conditions which will continue in full force and effect.
2. Disclaimer
2.1 The information on the Schoolies.com websites is provided in good faith and GTM believe it to be accurate. However if you wish to obtain services from the Schoolies.com websites you should not rely solely on the information on the Schoolies.com websites but should make specific enquiries concerning the nature of the accommodation and services and their suitability for your personal needs by contacting the accommodation provider directly.
2.2 Unless otherwise stated all information on the Schoolies.com websites is supplied without any warranty, condition or other term as to the quality of any service or place of accommodation or its suitability for any particular purpose.
2.3 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites are not liable to you or anyone else for any loss of deposit payment or any other indirect or financial loss suffered whether arising in contract, negligence or otherwise arising in connection with the use of the Schoolies.com websites.
2.4 To the extent permitted by law GTM and the Schoolies.com websites liability for breach of any implied warranty or condition which cannot be excluded is limited to the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the service supplied again.
3. Acceptance
3.1 Your use of or access to the Schoolies.com websites is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with the terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained in this document and elsewhere on the websites known collectively as the "Terms of Use".
3.2 By continuing to use and access the Schoolies.com websites you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use please stop using the website immediately.
3.3 GTM may at any time vary, revise, add, amend, modify or delete any part of these Terms of Use or the Schoolies.com websites by publishing the variations on the Schoolies.com websites. These amended Terms of Use will be effective immediately and you will be bound by the amended Terms of Use from that time on. As the Terms of Use may vary without notice we recommend that you read our Terms of Use each time you visit the Schoolies.com websites.
4. Website Information
4.1 The Schoolies.com websites discloses information about travel locations, dates, packages, information about the Schoolies.com websites and many other things.
4.2 Some of this information is supplied to us by third party providers including hotels and accommodation providers. Therefore, although we have taken reasonable care to ensure that this information is correct and up-to-date we cannot check the accuracy of such information where it is provided to us by third parties.
4.3 We accept no responsibility for information supplied to us by third parties. We recommend that you confirm all information contained on or linked from the Schoolies.com websites with the relevant third party provider.
5. 2014 & 2015 Schoolies Dates
5.1 At the time of launch it is believed that the dates for 2014 & 2015 Schoolies Week are as follows:
  • 2014 - Week 1: 22 Nov - 29 Nov - QLD Schoolies
  • 2014 - Week 2: 29 Nov - 7 Dec - NSW & VIC Schoolies
  • 2015 - Week 1: 21 Nov - 28 Nov - QLD Schoolies
  • 2015 - Week 2: 28 Nov - 6 Dec - NSW & VIC Schoolies
These dates are subject to confirmation from the Department of Education

Should these dates change, the Schoolies.com websites will automatically move all existing bookings to the correct week for the relevant state and adjust accommodation rates accordingly.
6. How To Make A Booking
6.1 Bookings can be made over the internet at the BookSchoolies.com or Schoolies.com websites or by calling our Call Centre on 07 5572 7627
6.2 Reservations are subject to availability and actual pricing at the time of booking.
6.3 Accommodation arrangements are based on using existing bedding only, i.e. this could mean sharing a double bed.
6.4 All rates quoted are on a "per person" basis and are inclusive of GST. All rates quoted do not include Bonds.
6.5 Every effort is made to ensure that the description of facilities and services provided at hotels and apartments listed on the Schoolies.com websites is accurate however these are continually being changed, upgraded and on occasion taken out of service.
6.6 The Schoolies.com websites cannot be held liable for omissions, errors, alterations to property facilities and services, whether temporary or permanent.
7. Minors
7.1 If you are under the age of 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must make the booking via the Schoolies websites.
7.2 If you are a minor you cannot make a booking using the Schoolies.com websites.
7.3 If a booking is made and not authorised by your parent or guardian, the deposit paid at the time of booking shall be forfeited.
7.4 By making a booking via the Schoolies.com websites, whether or not on behalf of a minor, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use.
8. Special requests
8.1 GTM will endeavour to accommodate any special requests but does not guarantee any special requests made.
9. Deposit
9.1 Any person making a booking shall be deemed to have read and accepted, and by making the booking, represents to the Schoolies.com websites and GTM that he or she is authorised to accept the Terms of Use on behalf of all persons named in the booking.
9.2 A deposit of $200.00 per person must be received by the Schoolies.com websites at the time of booking payable with a credit card online only. All deposits are non-refundable.
9.3 Deposits can only be paid via the Schoolies.com websites or by calling our Call Centre on 07 5572 7627
9.4 The minimum amount of deposit payable for your booking must be paid at the same time as you make your reservation, otherwise the Schoolies.com websites will be unable to hold your booking.
9.5 The deposit of $200.00 is non-refundable but a person may change the name of a group member to whom the deposit relates. If this occurs, the deposit and any additional payments for the original group member will be transferred to the new group member. Name changes can be made free of charge by logging into your booking and selecting the "Replace" button. There is a $60 fee for name changes made through the call centre.
9.6 Name changes cannot be made within sixty (60) days of travel.
9.7 Payment of a deposit will indicate acceptance of the Terms of Use of the Schoolies.com websites packages.
9.8 If you are making a booking less than 60 days prior to check-in then you are required to pay the total amount payable (including all Bonds) at the time of booking.
10. Bali Packages
10.1 For Bali bookings a non refundable deposit of $200 is required at time of booking. Name changes are not permitted. Final payment is due 31 July.
10.2 A charge of $60 per person will apply to any changes in dates or buildings.
10.3 Bali packages will run subject to minimum tour numbers. If minimum numbers are not reached GTM & the Schoolies.com websites reserve the right to cancel the tour. If this occurs deposits will be refunded in full.
10.4 Bali packages prices are subject to change and may be adjusted at any time without notice. Price changes may occur as a result of factors outside of our control. Such factors may include (but are not limited to) currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges, taxes and airfare increases.
10.5 All Bali Schoolies will be required to show proof of adequate Travel Insurance at time of travel. Failure to provide proof of valid travel insurance may result in your schoolies booking being cancelled and all monies paid being forfeited
11. Multiple Bookings
11.1 If you make multiple bookings to hold rooms, you will not be refunded for any payment made on the additional booking.
11.2 If you would like to stay for more than seven nights, the Schoolies.com websites will treat each seven night stay ("Tour Date") as a separate booking.
11.3 Each Tour Date will require a separate deposit and a Bond per person.
12. Your Warranties
12.1 You warrant that:
12.1.1 you are at least 18 years of age and can use the Schoolies.com websites and create legal binding obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of using the Schoolies.com websites;
12.1.2 you are responsible (financially and otherwise) for all uses of the Schoolies.com websites by you and those using the Schoolies.com websites using your login details, including your password;
12.1.3 the information you supply via the Schoolies.com websites is accurate and not misleading, deceptive or likely to be mislead or deceive; and
12.1.4 if you are not 18 years of age and you pay a deposit, you will forfeit the deposit paid for breach of this warranty.
13. The Group Organiser
13.1 You, as the group organiser have the responsibility to ensure that all members of your group have read and understood the Terms of Use and the House Rules.
13.2 You are able to make any changes necessary to your booking on behalf of the group via the Schoolies.com websites.
13.3 By making a change to your booking, you represent to GTM and the Schoolies.com websites that you have discussed any changes with your group and your group has accepted and agreed to the change.
13.4 It is your responsibility to inform your group of any changes that you make.
13.5 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites are not responsible for any disagreements within your group.
14. Referral/Promoter Rewards
14.1 Referral/Promoter codes are a unique series of numbers and letters which are assigned to you by Schoolies.com. Each code is individual and only applies to the person that had made the booking.
14.2 Reward system is as follows all based on number of individual bookings: 5 - 10 people = $50, 11 - 20 people = $100, 21 - 30 people = $150, 31 - 40 people = $200, 50+ = $300. The maximum you can earn towards your booking is $300. You will not be entitled to Referral Rewards if the person making a booking, fail to properly enter your unique code. Schoolies.com will not be liable to you with respect to any such failure.
14.3 Referral codes can not be added to a booking, after the booking has been completed and confirmed.
14.4 You will not earn Referral Rewards, if the person that has entered your unique code cancels their booking by 14 days prior to final payment. In addition, you will not earn referral rewards if you cancel your booking at anytime.
14.5 Referral Rewards will be credited to your booking 14 days prior to final payment. Rewards may not be sold, transferred, assigned, redeemed for cash, or combined with any other offer, discount, or promotion.
15. Bonds
15.1 Each member of the group is required to pay a Bond of $200.00 payable 60 days prior to check-in.
15.2 A Bond is held as security against any additional cleaning, removal of excess rubbish, damage or undue wear and tear, among other things.
15.3 All damage, breakages and losses to property, furniture, keys or furnishings must be paid for by the group and any damage must be reported to the accommodation provider immediately.
15.4 It is the responsibility of the group and all members to leave the property clean and tidy. The condition of the property must be left as close as possible to the condition it was in when you began your stay.
15.5 Bonds will be made available for refund within approximately 10 business days after check-out provided that clearance from the accommodation provider has been received. Any disputes relating to bond deductions must be discussed directly with the accommodation provider. The accommodation provider is solely responsible for amendments to bond deductions.
15.6 Bonds will only be refunded into a bank account in your name unless you have given a signed written authorisation for it to be refunded into another bank account. Bonds will not be returned by any other means.
16. Payments
16.1 All payments, excluding the deposit can be made via the Schoolies.com websites, or call centre, by BPAY (available March 2010) or by credit card. All payments, if made by credit card excluding the deposit will incur a 2.5% surcharge.
17. Final Payment
17.1 The final payment, including all Bonds must be received at least 60 days prior to the date of your booking. A bond is not considered paid unless the booking has been paid in full
17.2 If a deposit, final payment or bond is not received by the due date GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserves the right to cancel your booking. Refer to clause 19 for full details related to cancellation fees.
17.3 All prices quoted include GST.
18. Amending Your Booking
18.1 You will be able to make the following changes to your booking via the Schoolies.com websites by using your "Booking Number" and password that is issued at the time you pay your deposit:
18.1.1 change the name of a group member;
18.1.2 change an e-mail address or contact details of a group member;
18.1.3 cancel a group member;
18.1.4 cancel a room;
18.1.5 cancel the group organiser and select a new group organiser;
18.1.6 cancel the entire booking; and
18.1.7 make further payments.
18.2 If the size of your group changes you must notify us immediately. In the event that a group member cancels their booking, the price per person will increase.
18.3 If you wish to add an additional room to your booking, please contact our Call Centre on 07 5572 7627
18.4 Once the deposit has been paid, if you wish to change your accommodation building, room type or date of travel you will incur a $60.00 amendment fee per person per change. Amendments must be notified in writing or via e-mail by the group organiser or by the guest whose booking is being amended. Any building change request will be subject to availability. Please note that it is not always possible to change buildings. GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserve the right to deny requests to change buildings.
18.5 No change of buildings or apartments or other travel arrangements is permitted within 60 days to check-in.
18.6 The group organiser has the responsibility of controlling all changes made to your booking.
19. Room Occupancy
19.1 The room description information provided to you will include information about the minimum and maximum number of people that can share a room.
19.2 If your group does not consist of the minimum number of people then GTM and the Schoolies.com websites may cancel your booking. If you need to change your booking to another building or room type due to insufficient persons, you will incur a $60.00 amendment fee per person, per change.
19.3 The maximum number must be strictly adhered to at all times, and all members of the group agree to adhere to the maximum room occupancy.
19.4 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserves the right to cancel any booking and retain all moneys paid to the Schoolies.com websites in respect of the booking for any group that does not meet the minimum occupancy or exceeds the maximum room occupancy.
20. Travel Documents
20.1 Travel documents will be made available to you 21 days prior to check-in.
20.2 Travel documentation will not be available for any group members until all group member payments are made in full.
21. Cancellation of Bookings
21.1 Any cancellation that is made 60 days or more prior to check-in will forfeit all deposits paid in respect of the booking.
21.2 Any cancellation made within 60 days of check-in will forfeit the full cost of the booking excluding Bonds.
21.3 Cancellations can be made via the Schoolies.com websites or by emailing info@schoolies.com.
21.4 Cancellations cannot be made via our Call Centre.
21.5 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites is not responsible for informing group members that a person in their group has cancelled or that the booking has been cancelled in full.
21.6 No refunds will be given for an early departure.
22. Travel Insurance
22.1 We recommend that all members of your group purchase adequate travel insurance at the time of booking and as such have automatically included this in your booking. If Travel Insurance is not required this policy may be removed at any time prior to final payment.
22.2 The Travel Insurance policy included in your Schoolies booking will commence on the date that full payment is received for your total schoolies package.
22.3 Travel Insurance prices are subject to change and may be adjusted at any time without notice. Final price will be confirmed at time of final payment.
22.4 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites take no responsibility for any misadventure that prohibits a group or a group member from travelling.
23. Schoolies Events & Activities
23.1 Booking through Schoolies.com does not guarantee that Official Schoolies activities will be available at a destination, or that schoolies booked through Schoolies.com are pre-registered for these activities (where available). Some destinations do provide alcohol and drug free events. These events /activities, if provided are organised by local or state governments or 3rd party organisations and information should be sort from the relevant body.
23.2 Playground is an all ages, fully supervised, no alcohol event. Each Playground ticket allows you access to ones nights entry. Tickets are strictly limited. No refunds will be offered in the event that you do not attend Playground or you fail to pick up your ticket from the designated collection point.
23.3 No Limits is an 18+ event. Government approved ID will be required to gain entry into the venue. Each No Limits 18+ ticket allows you access to two nights entry. No refunds shall be provided if you purchase a ticket and are underage. No refunds are offered in the event that you do not attend Playground or you fail to pick up your ticket from the designated collection point.
23.4 GTM and Schoolies.com reserves the right to change, add, withdraw or substitute entertainment where necessary. No refunds will be available in the event of a venue, artist or theme change.
23.5 Activities such as moshing, crowd surfing, climbing and stage diving are dangerous and may lead to eviction from the events. GTM and Schoolies.com accepts no liability for any injuries or damages caused by these activities.
23.6 Party dates are subject to change. Tickets are allocated by date on a first come first served basis. GTM & Schoolies.com will not be held liable if preferred date is not available upon collection
23.7 Persons attending Events do so at their own risk.
23.8 GTM and Schoolies.com shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering or during the event, including theft or loss of personal belongings.
24. Schoolies Singlets
24.1 All prices are inclusive of GST and are in Australian dollars, Schoolies.com reserves the right to change prices.
24.2 Your submittal of an online order is a conditional acceptance of Schoolies.com terms and conditions.
24.3 Full payment is required with your Schoolies booking no later than 60 days before travel.
24.4 Production will not begin until full payment has been received.
24.5 Final date for order is 16 Sep 2014, Changes or refunds are not permitted after this date.
24.6 Singlets are subject to availability and will be issued in order of payment received.
24.7 If the name/nickname/group is entered incorrectly, Schoolies.com will not accept returns. Refunds will not be available due to errors resulting from incorrect entry.
24.8 Schoolies.com will not refund or exchange if the sizing that is selected is incorrect.
24.9 Schoolies.com advise against using profanities and advertising phone numbers, Schoolies.com reserves the right to refuse service or cancel orders in its discretion.
24.10 Schoolies.com will notify Schoolies of the designated collection point and specified time allotments.
24.11 No refunds will be offered if you fail to collect your singlets from the designated collection point in the specified time allotment.
24.12 Failure to attend Schoolies will not result in a refund.
24.13 Claims of shortages, damages or defect items must be made within 24 hours of receipt. We reserve the right to replace or repair at our discretion.
24.14 2014 Official Schoolies Singlets are designed and produced by the Rascal Group
25. House Rules
25.1 House Rules are the individual accommodation provider’s terms and conditions.
25.2 You, and all members of your group, agree to abide by these terms and conditions during your stay.
25.3 The group organiser must ensure that all members have read the House Rules for your accommodation.
25.4 By confirming this booking you are confirming that you and all members of your group have read and agreed to the House Rules.
25.5 House Rules can be viewed by selecting the building name in the building list page on the Schoolies.com websites and selecting the House Rules icon.
25.6 Accommodation providers reserve the right to be able to change their house rules without notice.
26. Information on our Websites
26.1 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites endeavours to ensure that all information displayed on the Schoolies.com websites is correct.
26.2 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites will not be held responsible for any errors in content.
26.3 Please contact us if you have any queries regarding published information.
27. Schoolies Right to Amend
27.1 GTM and Schoolies organises and arranges the accommodation pursuant to the contractual arrangements it has with apartment owners and managers. GTM and the Schoolies.com websites does not occupy or have any control over any hotel, apartment or unit and, as such, GTM and the Schoolies.com websites are not liable for any damage or loss, whether to personal property or howsoever arising, to any person who has booked accommodation through the Schoolies.com websites.
27.2 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation and GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserves the right to change bookings. GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserves the right at any time, in its absolute discretion, to modify any accommodation or to cancel the same without notice.
27.3 Whilst GTM makes every effort to ensure that all prices on the Schoolies.com websites are accurate and up to date sometimes errors do occur and the prices stated are incorrect. GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserve the right to alter accommodation prices on the Schoolies.com websites to reflect any increase in the cost of accommodation for reasons beyond our reasonable control. This may include (but is not limited to) pricing mistakes, errors or omissions. Where a pricing mistake, error or omission has occurred, GTM or the Schoolies.com websites will use its best endeavours to notify you of the mistake, error or omission.
27.4 Confirmation of bookings and invoices are subject to re-issue if GTM or the Schoolies.com websites discovers a pricing mistake, error or omission.
27.5 Upon GTM or the Schoolies.com websites notifying you of the mistake, error or omission you can either agree to accept the amended price or you may cancel your booking.
27.6 In the event that an error occurs which results in a room being double booked or due to circumstances beyond our control the original room/property that was booked is no longer available, GTM and the Schoolies.com websites will relocate your group to another venue at no extra charge to you and your group.
27.7 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites will use its best endeavours to have you and your group relocated. In the event that GTM and the Schoolies.com websites is unable to relocate your group GTM and the Schoolies.com websites will refund all monies paid to the Schoolies.com websites including all deposits.
28. Media
28.1 GTM and the Schoolies.com websites reserves the right to use names, images, voices, statements or otherwise in any form of media whatsoever for the purposes of marketing, advertising, promotion, campaigns or any other form of publicity without payment or compensation to any GTM or the Schoolies.com websites customer.
29. Email Updates
29.1 We may email to you updates about our products and services and the products and services of relevant 3rd party suppliers, that we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to remain a subscriber to our mailing list or otherwise receive updates on our products or services, you are able to remove your details from the subscription list by emailing info@schoolies.com
30. Your Privacy
30.1 We will handle your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in our Privacy Policy which is posted on the Schoolies.com websites.
31. Our Relationship
31.1 No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisor-franchisee relationship is intended to be created between you and us by these Terms of Use.
32. Links and Third Party information
32.1 BookSchoolies & Schoolies.com contain links to sites operated by persons and companies outside of the Schoolies.com websites. We provide these links for your assistance and information. We are not responsible for the availability or content of these third party sites and we are not responsible for any goods and services available from these sites.
33. Intellectual Property Rights
33.1 The copyright and other intellectual property in the Schoolies.com websites is owned by GTM or by a third party who has given GTM and the Schoolies.com websites permission to use them.
34. Trademarks
34.1 Any and all Trademarks shown on the Schoolies.com websites are the trademark of their respective owners.
34.2 Nothing contained on the Schoolies.com websites shall be construed as the granting of any licence, right to use of any or all trademarks shown on the Schoolies Websites.
35. Indemnity
35.1 You, and all members of your group agree to indemnify GTM and the Schoolies.com websites and their respective affiliates, employees and others against any loss and damage suffered, costs incurred, by them in connection with you and your groups use of the Schoolies.com websites and any breach by you of the Terms of Use and any other legal obligation.