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1800SCHOOLIES Update

1800SCHOOLIES was owned and operated by "Leisurecom Group Pty Ltd." (Leisurecom) since around 2010.

As of March 2017, Leisurecom have decided to cease their schoolies booking agency business. They will not be offering schoolies holiday packages for 2017 or future years. 1800SCHOOLIES and all other brands are no longer owned or operated by Leisurecom. 

We at Schoolies.com have been nominated as the preferred supplier of Schoolies accommodation for all existing 1800SCHOOLIES customers already booked for the 2017 year. 

You still need to contact Leisurecom at 07 5555 1800 if you want to arrange a bond refund from 2016 or any prior year.

What you need to know:

What happens to my existing 1800SCHOOLIES booking?

If you have an existing 1800SCHOOLIES booking there is nothing to worry about. We have already re-booked your room into our schoolies.com booking system in the same building and room type. You will be charged the same price for your room as 1800SCHOOLIES have already confirmed to you. You don’t need to do anything now.

What happens to the deposits I have already paid to 1800SCHOOLIES?

All deposits and payments made with 1800 will be credited to your new booking with Schoolies.com and you will be issued with a new username and password to log into and manage your Schoolies.com booking.

How can I claim my bond refund from past schoolies events?

1800SCHOOLIES / Leisurecom is still responsible for repayment of any bonds collected in relation to the 2016 schoolies year. All enquires related to bond refunds should be emailed to bookings@leisurecom.com or 07 5555 1800.

Schoolies.com cannot assist with any enquiries relating to 2016 bonds paid to 1800SCHOOLIES / Leisurecom.

I am a previous supplier/partner of 1800SCHOOLIES.

If you would like to discuss opportunities related to Schoolies bookings please email info@schoolies.com


Q: Who is Schoolies.com?

Schoolies.com has been the main booking site for Schoolies Week for over 30 years, and arranges schoolies holidays for over 30,000 schoolies each year. We are the EXCLUSIVE booking agent for 100+ schoolies accommodations in destinations throughout Australia including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Byron Bay and Lorne and overseas in Bali and Fiji. Read more here: About us

Q. What do I do if my name or contact details are incorrect on my new booking?

If you log into your booking and find your name or contact details are misspelled you are able to edit them yourself using the info button. If there is a substantial problem with the building or room type please call 07 5572 7627.

Q. How do I pay my deposit or make a payment towards my booking?

You can make payments towards your Schoolies booking at any time by logging into your booking. Payments can be made by credit card or Bpay

Q. How do I get my Schoolies.com Photo ID?

Simply log into your booking and select upload photo

Q. When is full payment for Schoolies due?

Full payment for all Schoolies.com packages is 60 days prior to the date of travel.

Q. What happened to my 1800SCHOOLIES party tickets or merchandise?

Any event tickets, merchandise or VIP packs previously offered by 1800SCHOOLIES cease to exist. For your convenience we have added optional Official Schoolies.com event tickets and Schoolies singlet to your booking. Any payments made towards these have been credited towards your new booking.

Q. What is the Schoolies.com Party Pass?

Schoolies.com parties and events are exclusively available to students that book through Schoolies.com. These events are likely sell out prior to arrival. For your convenience and to ensure that you don’t miss out, optional party passes have been included in your booking. Please ensure that if you do not wish to attend the Official Schoolies.com parties, you remove these prior to final payment. Further information on Schoolies parties can be found here: Parties!