Schoolies Week 2018 |

Schoolies Week 2018

We have Schoolies accommodation for you! If you are looking for Schoolies hotel, resort or apartment accommodation, are the nation’s largest Schoolies accommodation provider.

If you are due to graduate from year 12 in 2018, make sure you keep your eyes on the official Schoolies accommodation website,, to book Schoolies 2018.

Get the best accommodation for Schoolies 2018!

Whilst we have heaps of accommodation options and parties to choose from the most popular locations and properties always sell out quickly. You don't want to miss out on that perfect room. You only get to celebrate schoolies once, so make sure you get the choice to do it your way!

Once we have your details we will drop you an email or text message to give you advance warning of our on sale date so that you can get your mates together ready to book the best week of your life! Keep your eyes on and our facebook page, www.facebook/SchooliesWeek, for details on registering for Schoolies 2018!

Schoolies Dates for 2018

  • Week 1 (17 Nov - 24 Nov) - QLD Schoolies - Book Now
  • Week 1 (18 Nov - 24 Nov) - WA Leavers - Book Now
  • Week 2 (24 Nov -  2  Dec) - NSW & VIC Schoolies - Book Now
  • Week 3 (1   Dec -  9  Dec) - NSW & VIC Schoolies - Book Now
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