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10 Things You Need To Know Before Booking Your 2023 Schoolies 28 Feb 2022 by Caitlin M

Thinking of booking your Schoolies 2023? Here are 10 things that you need to know before clicking BOOK!

1. It might seem a little early but it sells out quick! 

The number one question we get asked is “when is the best time to book Schoolies?” and the answer is NOW! Schoolies 2023 has already started to sell out in some of the most popular destinations/accommodations. Avoid disappointment, BOOK NOW.
2.  Schoolies.com has all the Schoolies approved accommodation 
If you are thinking of booking your Schoolies through an Air BnB or another booking site please remember that not only will you not be able to attend the Schoolies.com parties BUT you may also not be able to stay there at all! A lot of external booking sites do not accept Schoolies bookings and every year we get phone calls from distressed Schoolies who have been refused entry to their accommodation and can't find anywhere to stay! Rest assured when you book through Schoolies.com you are staying in a Schoolies approved accommodation location! Meaning you will NOT be kicked out AND that you are also in a prime location to party with a bunch of other like-minded Schoolies!

3.  Layby is your new BFF

Is paying for your Schoolies 2023 holiday upfront freaking you out? Don’t stress it and book with layby! Schoolies has never been more affordable or easy to book with Schoolies.com. Pay off your Schoolies in small monthly instalments with ZERO fees, ZERO set up costs and ZERO interest.

4.  The sooner you book the lower your monthly repayments
Another added benefit of locking your trip in early is that if you choose to pay your Schoolies with layby, the sooner you book the lower your monthly repayments will be! Making it even easier to manage your Schoolies 2023 booking.

5.  You must have a Schoolies.com booking to attend Schoolies.com parites
Schoolies.com runs a massive range of Schoolies parties and events for graduates of all ages. Our parties are exclusive to our customers meaning you must have a Schoolies.com booking to attend.


6.  Schoolies.com offers a huge range of all-age events.

Not going to be 18 at Schoolies? You are not alone and YES you can still go to schoolies! Schoolies.com provides accommodation options and runs a massive range of events for graduates of all ages. Our all-ages events include the Hilton Pool Party, All Age Club Parties, the Schoolies Nation Festival and more. Read more about booking schoolies when you're going to be 17 here.


7.  There are 17 different locations to choose from.
You’ve heard of Schoolies Gold Coast but did you know we book Schoolies holidays across 17 popular Schoolies international and national destinations. So, if you don’t think Surfers Paradises glitter strip is your thing, take a peek at what other Schoolies destinations are on offer. You could find yourself living it up during Schoolies in Fiji, Lorne or even Airlie Beach! Check out all destinations here.

8.  Schoolies Fiji has its very own private island.

Our Schoolies only private island in Fiji is one of our most exclusive Schoolies locations. You can celebrate your schoolies in a tropical paradise! With pool parties every day and themed parties every night, this Schoolies location provides an unbelievable Schoolies 2023 experience. Learn more about Schoolies Island in Fiji, download the brochure here.
9.  Schoolies.com is the most trusted Schoolies booking site

Rest assured that you are booking with the experts when you book with Schoolies.com. After all, we have been doing this for 35 years and arrange Schoolies holidays for over 30,000 graduates every year. Have the peace of mind you have booked your schoolies wit the very best in the business by booking with Schoolies.com.


10.  Don't forget, you only get ONE chance at Schoolies!

If you’re still tossing up whether Schoolies is right for you, just remember that you only get one chance to celebrate Schoolies week. This event is truly a once in a life-time experience, where you get to celebrate with the ENTIRE class of 2023! Don’t miss out and BOOK NOW!

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