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It's Ten Weeks Until Schoolies 2019, Here Are the Ten Things We Are Most Excited About 02 Sep 2019 by Claire T

School is almost up. You're hearing it from absolutely everywhere, and at this point, you probably have so many mixed emotions that you don't even know how to feel anymore.


On one side you're completely stressed out with the never-ending flood of assignments and exams BUT on the other hand, you're totally amped about the fact that in just 10 short weeks you are free from school forever!! Plus, let's not forget about the huge celebration that comes with finishing up school - formal, graduation and of course Schoolies!!


After all the blood, sweat and tears (let's be real, it was mostly tears) you put into the last 12 years, Schoolies is your reward and we've been working hard to make sure your Schoolies 2019 is the best ever. So here are 10 things to get excited for at Schoolies: 


1. Hanging out with your mates

At this point in the semester, you're probably drowning in so much school work that you have absolutely no remnants of a social life. Schoolies is one whole week where you get to hang out with your friends all day, every day. Plus, you make a whole lot of new friends while you’re there!


2. The lit DJ line-up

This year's Schoolies Tour Line-up is insane! The absolute best of the best will be up on stage dishing out some sweet tunes. Featuring incredible DJs like Bombs Away, Brooke Evers, Havana Brown, Tigerlily, Joel Fletcher and so many more huge names!


3. Never having to see your teachers EVER again

Hallelujah! Say SEE YA to that hectic teacher who is always droning on about how you haven’t handed in your homework. Plus, guess what? You never have to deal with teachers ever again!

4. The Hilton Pool Party

Hands down, every year the exclusive Hilton Pool Party is one of the sickest parties held over Schoolies Week. What better way to enjoy your new-found freedom than to soak up the sunshine, hanging by the pool with all your besties. 


5. Free stuff

YASS! One of the best and probably unexpected things about Schoolies is all the random free stuff. Walking down to Schoolies Central, there is plenty of free stuff coming your way.

6. All Ages Parties

Going to be 17 at Schoolies? No worries! We have been planning hard to make sure our all-ages events are lit. So if you haven’t booked yet because you are worried about being 17, don’t hesitate to lock in your spot. P.S. If you’re 18, we haven’t forgotten about you. We have plenty on offer for you guys too! 

7. Boardies and bikinis all day erryday.

Ladies and gents get ready to get your tan on! During Schoolies you will be living in your swimmers. If you need to update your wardrobe to get yourself Schoolies ready, you get a cheeky 20% off at City Beach when you book with


8. 3 Weeks of Fiji Schoolies

If the craziness of Schoolies in the city isn’t really your thing, why not party it up on Schoolies Island in Fiji. Fiji Schoolies this year is 3 whole weeks! Plus Fiji has the epic Cloud 9, which is our insane floating party pontoon, where you’ll be kicking back with a fully stocked bar listening to the sickest DJ’s.

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9. Schoolies in Byron Bay

We’ve partnered up with two of the hottest venues in the shire to make your Byron Bay Schoolies the best one yet! We have teamed up with Locura and the Byron Bay Brewery to host some epic parties over Byron Bay Schoolies. Just add a Bryon Bay 18+ Pass to your spot to secure your spot!


10. Good weather, good beaches, good times

Schoolies is in the summer which means the weather will be turning it up for the best week of your life! All you have to do is sit back, have fun and spread those summer vacay vibes. 

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