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4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Graduation Celebration

You only get one chance to celebrate at Schoolies, so here are our top tips to make it the best week of your life.

1. Choose a destination that's right for you

When you think of Schoolies, you'll probably picture Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. While this is the biggest and best Schoolies destination for parties, festivals and events, attracting over 30,000 graduates every year (slay), it's not the only place you can go for Schoolies.
We offer over 17 different destinations all across Australia and internationally, so no matter what your vibe is, you'll find your perfect Schoolies destination at Schoolies.com. ✈️
To find your perfect match, check out our ultimate Schoolies destination guide below.
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2. Make the most of it

Since you only get one chance to go to Schoolies, it would be rude not to live it up as best you can. 
What's the best way to do this? It's simple: take every opportunity, make new friends, experience as much as you can and if you're going to a destination with events, make sure you go to every party and, every festival on offer! After all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to party with your friends and thousands of other graduates for a week.
Schoolies is what you make it, so gather your besties, bring the vibes and get ready for a week filled with epic core memories. ✨
GET MY PARTY TICKETSmake-the-most-of-schoolies.jpg

3. Put your Schoolies trip on layby.

The best tip we can possibly give you would be to put your Schoolies vaycay on a layby plan!
Just another perk of booking with Schoolies.com, we offer fee-free layby plans to make paying off your Schoolies easier than ever. PLUS, the earlier you book your trip and start your layby plan, the smaller and more manageable your monthly repayments will be, huge w. 🤑
Because your Schoolies experience should be stress-free from start to finish. 💯 
Wanna find out more about our layby plans? Click below.

4. Get in early

I know booking years in advance may feel ridiculous, but in reality, it's your best option. Here are a few reasons why:
🎉 First dibs on tickets to our exclusive parties and events
🏨 Get your first pick of rooms, the most popular ones always sell out years in advance 
🤑 Enjoy cheaper monthly layby repayments the earlier you book
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You'll never get another chance to live this experience, so it's up to you to make it the best week of your life, whatever that looks like. 🙌🥺

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