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5 Things You Can't Live Without at Schoolies 26 Sep 2019 by Caitlin M

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It's nearly time to pack your bags ladies and gents, you're off to Schoolies! YASS! Before you get there, we've listed 5 essentials you can’t live without at Schoolies week. Tick off each of these when you are getting ready for Schoolies, and get set for the best week of your life!

1. Comfy Shoes

Schoolies week is an all-terrain adventure. Between the club d-floor and the beach festival, you’re going to want to have a decent pair of clogs to strap on for the ride.

2. The SearchParty App
The app is an absolute MUST for Schoolies week. Never lose your friends at Schoolies by downloading the SearchParty App! The SearchParty app connects you with your friends in an instant. You can view their location on the map, chat in private or public parties and even get help in an emergency all in one place. Download the app here and stay safe and find your mates at Schoolies.

3. Bikinis and Boardies
Schoolies is the ultimate summer holiday. No matter what destination you have chosen to book, there is a beach nearby where you can chill out and rest up for the nightly celebrations. Remember to pack enough clothes for every day of your trip, ain't nobody got time to be doing laundry at Schoolies (and not all accommodations have laundry facilities!).

4. All your Travel Documents

Ok serious one here. Put your itinerary + travel documents, travel insurance, passport (if you’re venturing overseas), ID’s and any other important documentation for your trip in a secure folder to take with you. This is travelling 101. Pretty much anything else you need you can buy at your destination but if you forget any of these things you’re done. Do it, and then double-check you’ve got it all before you leave.

5. Socks, Jocks and Good Vibes.

Look, it might sound silly but you don’t want to be that weird dude that gets caught wearing the same socks and undies for the 6th day straight. Keep it classy and pack your damn knickers son! Most importantly, bring your good vibes. Schoolies is a big week, with lots of times spent with your best mates and making new friends. Remember to make the most of it and keep things positive, Schoolies is a once in a lifetime experience - enjoy it!  


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