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6 Reasons It’s Smart to Book Schoolies Early. 26 Sep 2018 by Claire T

The greatest Schoolies hack of all.

1. As your mum would say: “The early bird gets the worm”

She ain’t wrong when it comes to Schoolies, those who get in early will be the ones that are #WINNING when it comes to Schoolies. It pays to know that there are only so many hotels in the prime locations, in your price range AND that allow Schoolies to stay there - and there are thousands of Schoolies wanting in. The best Schoolies hotels book out within hours, if not minutes after Schoolies.com release our rooms!

2. I have two words for you. Payment Plan.

Too broke to pay everything upfront…? We feel ya, and we got good news. The first is that you can lock in your trip with only a deposit of $150. The rest of the trip you don’t have to pay until 2 months before you travel OR if you are super savvy you can put the trip on a layby payment plan and pay it off in small monthly payments, starting from only $21 / month.

3. There is only ONE thing better than Schoolies and that is going to Schoolies for FREE!

Yes, FREE! Once you book, Schoolies.com gives you the chance to be one of the lucky Schoolies that win back the full cost of their trip! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for info - you have to be in it to WIN IT!

4. Join the hustle, and earn $$$ with Schoolies.com.

Did you know that Schoolies have a student influencer program? All you have to do is get your friends to book with your own personal Schoolies promoter code and you can earn $20 every time someone uses your code to book. Hello CASH MONEY! Interested? Drop us a line HERE.

5. Being organised = ADULTING

From budget hotels to high-end luxury, from party central to relaxing island getaways; with over 100 hotels and over ten different destinations, we have something for everyone! It can be REALLY REALLY stressful trying to sort everything last minute, so get organised and do it now in these 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Decide with your friends WHERE you want to go for Schoolies.
Step 2: Lock in your hotel with your $150 deposit.
Step 3: Put your trip on a payment plan.
Step 4: Walk around all smug that you are totally on top of your Schoolies plans.


6. SCIENTIFIC FACT: Having something epic to look forward to makes life better.

Ok, maybe we don’t know if it’s totally scientific, BUT there is no denying that counting down to an epic trip makes those long hours of study a little bit more bearable. Add it to the calendar. Start your countdown. Work out the months, weeks, days and before you know it, HOURS until the best week of your life. There is nothing that helps you get through the school week more than looking forward to Schoolies!

So there you have it – the top 6 reasons to book your Schoolies in nice and early. Wondering why Schoolies.com is the best way to go for your Schoolies week, check out our Top 5 Reasons to Book with Schoolies blog HERE.

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