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Do You Know The Difference Between Schoolies Week 1 and 2? 13 Jun 2022 by Mia E

Thinking about booking your Schoolies adventure but not sure which week to pick? No stress, let us break down all you need to know about the different Schoolies weeks.


Schoolies week 1 for 2022 is from November 19th to November 25th
Schoolies week 2 for 2022 is from November 26th to December 4th 
The week you pick usually depends on when you finish your final exams. Because of this week, one is typically QLD graduates and week two is typically NSW, VIC and all other graduates (WA + SA)
Again, this is just because of when exam dates fall, but you can go whatever week you like!


So what are the main differences between Week 1&2?

It’s a trick question! There isn’t really any difference between weeks 1 & 2, you can still go to our all-age club parties and Schoolies Nation Festival in both weeks. Check out the table below for more info.


Best places to go for week 2

Here are some of the best spots to hit up for 2022 Schoolies week 2 (although you can’t go wrong with any of them)

Good news! HEAPS of new rooms have been added for the Gold Coast week two so this is your sign to book. GC is party central with the Schoolies Nation Festival kicking off on the shores of Surfers Paradise beach and the all-age club parties go off! There’s always something to do on the GC. 

Lorne is a quiet little beach town with stunning scenery and so many day trip adventures to explore, but once night hits it turns into a party hub! Get your squad down to Lorne to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Fiji is the perfect combo of tropical relaxation and insane celebrations! Spend the day poolside or out exploring above or below the ocean with free snorkelling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and much more. Plus, with daily and nightly parties on the gorgeous private Schoolies Island, you’ll never be bored!

Come celebrate your graduation in Australia’s most iconic beach town. Byron Bay offers parties, relaxation, and plenty of stunning scenery for you and your squad to soak up and enjoy during your graduation vacation.

Week 1

If you’re after week 1 2022, Gold Coast is 90% sold out so you better get in fast. But no stress if you miss out, Schoolies Fiji Island is the perfect spot to spend your Schoolies trip, check out what the private Schoolies only island has to offer here. 

Airlie beach is another great coastal option with the Airlie Beach Schoolies Festival providing 7 nights of non-stop celebrations. Looking for something a little more chill? Byron Bay offers gorgeous beaches and national parks to relax in with a vibrant nightlife perfect for celebrating your newfound freedom. Week one options for 2022 are getting snapped up QUICK so get in fast to avoid disappointment. Book here.

So, to sum it up, there’s no ‘wrong’ week to book. No matter what you chose, you’ll still have the best week of your life! Lock in your spot here.

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