Navigating the waters of Schoolies Party tickets!

Navigating the waters of Schoolies Party tickets!

Schoolies Tour 2017

We have heard your questions and are here to simplify everything for you! This is THE definitive guide to Exclusive Party Tickets!

Week 1 Gold Coast – All Ages Part Pass holds the three biggest underage parties in Surfers Paradise! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights we hold the biggest All age club parties of the week! This year the themes will be Tight and Bright, Toga and Glow! Make sure you have the All Ages Party Pass on your booking to access the Parties!

Pirate Pool Parties! is hosting the exclusive Pirate Pool Party at the Hilton Surfers paradise! The all ages party runs all afternoon into the sunset and is the ONLY way to spend your afternoons! Do not miss out on this exclusive event headlined by Brooklyn, Komes, Kane Kirby, UNCT & KRUNK!

Week 2 Gold Coast -

So – Week 2, Gold Coast, the biggest line up Schoolies has ever had. You’re going to want to make the most of the week and try and see everyone you can. Make sure you get a Schoolies Tour Pass! There are two, which one you get will depend on how old you are:

All Ages Tour Pass (Beach Fest + All Ages Club Parties)
Entry into the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival
Access to 3 x All Age Parties held in Nightclubs

18+ Tour Pass (Beach Fest + Club Pass)
Entry into the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival
7 Nights access into the Official Nightclubs

Your Questions Answered:

If I’m 18 mid-week what ticket do I buy?

If I'm 18+ and want all ages what do I do?

You can add on the All Ages Parties for a small fee! Go to Manage Extras in your booking!

If I have Schoolies Tour ticket do I need Schoolies Nation Ticket?

No, the Schoolies Tour includes entry to Schoolies Nation!

What does Tour Pass 18+ include?

Nightclub entry and Schoolies Nation

What does Tour Pass U18 include?

All Age Parties and Schoolies Nation

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