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Schoolies Dates 2019 & 2020: When it Is, and When Should You Book 09 May 2019 by Claire T

Schoolies dates for 2019 and 2020 are locked in. This most important thing to know about Schoolies dates is that they differ depending on what state you live and graduate in. While you can go to Schoolies any of the available weeks, traditionally you go in the dates that are allocated for your state.

Queensland Schoolies is up first every year. Also known as “Week 1 Schoolies”. These are the dates to lock in for Schoolies is you are a QLDer. They are as follows:

For 2019 school leavers: 16th-23rd November 2019

For 2020 school leavers: 21st – 28th November 2020

For Schoolies in NSW, VIC and other states, Schoolies dates for you are a week later, also known as “Week 2 Schoolies”. These are the dates for Week 2 Schoolies for the next two years:

For 2019 school leavers: 23rd November -1st December 2019

For 2020 school leavers: 28th – 6th December 2020

Some Schoolies destinations also have dates for a Week 3. This week tends to be a bit quieter and we don’t plan any events in week 3 so it is generally not as popular.


So now you know the dates that Schoolies will be happening and when you should attend based on what state you are living in, when should you start planning? The simple answer to this question is asap! The best rooms sell out first, so if you want the pick of the bunch get on it so you are left having to choose from the less popular rooms. Also, if you book early you have the chance to pop your booking on layby, this means that you can pay off your Schoolies booking in small monthly amounts.

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