What Really Happens In Bali

What Really Happens In Bali

Bali is renowned for its glorious sunsets, perfect surf, amazing shopping, delicious food, endless adventures and of course, its incredible night life leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

So despite what the media tells you, NOTHING has changed to Indonesia's VISA requirements and what really happens in Bali is nothing but pure bliss. So as long as you avoid drinking the tap water and BYO common sense, combining Schoolies week with Bali’s breathtaking culture will be the best choice you have ever made.

A typical day in Bali starts with a dip in the pool whilst discussing how last night was ‘the best night ever’ with your friends. 
From here you will make your first tough decision of the day; to treat yourself to the hotels buffet breakfast or venture out to one of Bali’s notorious restaurants. Quick tip, make sure you take full advantage of Bali’s famous banana pancakes, if this doesn’t cure your hangover I don’t know what will!
From here you will either head off to one of Bali’s many places to see and things to do or choose to enjoy your day closer to home, in the heart of Kuta. There are so many things to do during your Schoolies in Bali and lucky for you, Kuta is right in the middle of these amazing places, plus the heart of the islands energetic night life. This means it is only a short drive if you’re up for some site seeing and adventure.

Day trips include Uluwatu’s famous surf spot situated right next door to Padang Padang’s magnificent beach, Finn’s Beach Club located in Uluwatu, the Canggu Club home to a waterpark, trampoline centre and bowling, this is also located near Echo Beach, another well renowned surf location, White water rafting, Bali’s zoo, check out the monkey forest in the heart of beautiful Ubud, Kommune beach club at Keramas, day tour to Nusa Lembongen, water sports at Tanjung Benoa, the list is endless.

If you choose to spend your day slightly more relaxed and closer to home, this usually involves laying by the pool with your new Schoolies bffls, roaming the streets bartering for all the best bargains, shopping amongst the many designer stores, getting massages and all different spa treatments for next to nothing, lapping up the sun at the beach, eating delicious Balinese meals for cheap cheap, going for a surf, and before you know it, it is time to find yourself a cosy spot on the beach to watch Bali’s famous sunset.

If you have ventured out for the day, you will arrive back in time to be once again wowed by Bali’s famous afternoon delight. Your new local friends aka beach bar tenders will welcome you with open arms and set you up for the next few hours of breathtaking views. No words can describe how amazing this time of day is.
As you watch the perfect sunset, whilst listening to sweet tunes, chatting with the locals and your close friends, join in a game of soccer or simply kick back and relax with a delicious cold beverage handed to you with exceptional service, this is the definition of happy hour. Nothing can compare to the culture and beauty of a Bali sunset, the atmosphere is simply spectacular. 

Once the sun sets, you can either go back to your hotel where the fun begins or choose from one of Bali’s many restaurants and enjoy more happy hour specials along with another delicious meal.

The Bounty and Troppo Zone are home to the best parties. From themed dress up parties to pool parties, to competitions and games, these hotels are the place to be before getting amongst the lively nightlife Bali has to offer.
After dark, Kuta is home to one of the most amazing night life in the world. The atmosphere is nothing you have ever experienced, even the local mini marts are filled with fun vibes. The only time you will be disappointed is when you finally have to drag yourself home of a night. 

Choosing where to go with all the awesome clubs and bars in Bali will be your hardest decision of the trip. But our personal favourite is Sky Garden and with 8 different clubs and bars under the one roof, it’s not hard to see why. This place has everything you need in a night out. Start from the bottom and make your way up to the roof top section, it will be a mission to complete in one night but with Schoolies.com’s FREE 7 night Sky Garden VIP Party Pass, you can lap up the amazing DJ’s, nightly specials and enjoy one hour of FREE drinks each night. What more could you want?

Once you finally make the tough decision to return to your hotel, you will delighted to know (if you choose to stay at the Bounty or Troppo Zone) you’re only a few metres away from bed. After you refuel at McDonalds or get it delivered (winning), local pizza store or one of Bali’s many mini marts; you can commence your new ‘best night ever’ conversation and be ready for another day in Bali’s paradise.

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