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7 Reasons Why Bali is an Awesome Schoolies Destination 09 Mar 2016 by Olivia W

Bali is still voted as the most popular destination to travel to for Australians so we wanted to find out why Schoolies love it!

1. Awesome Nightlife
Bali is known for having a great nightlife. While some areas in Bali are better known for surf and culture, places like Kuta are where people flock to go clubbing and celebrate! Well known clubs such as the Engine Room are extremely popular because of the fun vibes and cheap drinks! Our staff will be onsite to show you around and make sure you have an awesome time.

2. It’s Cheap
Everyone wants to get more bang for their buck and Bali certainly offers this! Not only can you get cheap accommodation and drinks but the flights are much more reasonably priced from Australia in comparison to other overseas destinations. It is also known for its unique shopping experience where you can barter with the locals for the right price!

3. Free Inclusions
Not only are transfers to and from the airport included with your booking but someone will be waiting at the airport so there’s no need to stress about how to get to the hotel! Once you get their Schoolies.com staff and Red Frogs will be on site to answer any questions and make sure you have a good time.

You also score free breakfast which is perfect for those mornings you are not quite up to adventuring to far from your room. Last but most definitely not least are the pool parties! Hosted in the luxurious Bounty pool these parties are free to those who book their trip through Schoolies.com and is the perfect way to celebrate with your mates and also make new ones.

4. Variety
Bali is a holiday destination that suits everyone. Not only is it the best place to party but if that’s not your thing then why not go on an adventure? This country is notorious for its picturesque hikes and landmarks. Looking for more of a relaxing holiday? Spend your days lazing by the pool and getting cheap pedicures and massages!

5. Luxury accommodation
Bali gives travellers access to a standard of accommodation that they couldn’t usually afford at home. Accommodation such as The Bounty Hotel is an affordable place to stay in Kuta that offers swim up pool bars and has a massage and spa parlour on site! During Schoolies everyone stays at the Bounty which is party central. The fact that it is where all Schoolies stay means that you are with a whole bunch of people there to do the same thing - celebrate the end of school with friends!

6. The Weather
There are not too many places in the world where you can expect to have perfect weather year-round, but Bali comes pretty darn close! It’s a destination full of sunny days which is great considering their amazing beaches. The surf is always pumping too!

7. Culture
From mystical temples to exotic ceremonies, the Balinese culture is one you will be busting to know more about. Apart from their unique practices the best thing about Balinese culture is actually the locals! They love Australian tourists and will strive to make sure you enjoy your stay.

If all those reasons weren’t quite enough to make you drool over the thought of a Bali holiday for Schoolies then we don’t know what will!
Ohhh Bali… we cannot wait to meet you again!

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