Watch out for Vultures at Schoolies

Watch out for Vultures at Schoolies

The countdown  on to one of the best weeks of your life – Schoolies. 

You’ve got your accommodation sorted, you’re fine tuning your party timetable so you don’t miss one minute of action and you’ve got the perfect group of friends to celebrate with.

One of the smartest things you’ve done this year, apart from finishing high school (let’s hope you make it), is booking through! However, there are some things you need to be aware of once you get to schoolies to ensure you’re not getting sold fake tickets.

Some businesses intentionally hire young, friendly, good looking guys and girls to entice schoolies into buying tickets for schoolies parties. THIS IS A SCAM. These sales-people offer things like free maps to get you into a conversation, then sell you tickets that will get you into schoolies parties, when in fact they are worthless, leaving you with no access to any official schoolies parties and up to $300 wasted.

The only way to know you are buying official schoolies party tickets, is to look for their I.D. want your schoolies holiday to a memorable one; awesome entertainment, hundreds of RedFrog staff, volunteer helpers and the Queensland Schoolies Safety Response team in action, everything is being done to ensure your Schoolies is remembered for the right reasons.

Tickets and bookings through include additional benefits such as exclusive safety measures, comprehensive security on all buildings, official photo ID, Schoolies iPhone App featuring emergency contacts, 24 hour helpline for parents and students and the knowledge that you’re booking with the Schoolies specialists.

All of this is great peace of mind, but it you want to have the most fun and stay safe at the same time, there is no substitute for common sense.

- These scams doing the rounds include try to sell worthless pub-crawls and fake tickets to night clubs that the venues don’t accept.

- Keep your wits about you, keep your friends close and keep clear of dodgy operators selling tickets out of wheelie carts on the streets. Nothing ruins a Schoolies party more than being ripped off so make sure you look for the logo.

- Booking with means you’ve got everything covered anyway – the best parties, the best venues and the best inclusions – so don’t trust your Schoolies memories to anyone else!

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