2015 Schoolies Latest Blogs

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Volunteer at Schoolies!

13 Oct 2015

Rub shoulders with famous DJ's and get amongst the amazing nightlife.

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Watch out for Vultures at Schoolies

28 Sep 2015

Schoolies are being ripped off by young, attractive salespeople selling fake tickets to schoolies parties.

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Five reasons why Schoolies should be spent on an Island

22 Sep 2015

Not that you really need any reasons, here are our top 5 reasons why Schoolies is epic on a tropical island.

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Plan your Schoolies in advance

04 Sep 2015

Don't get ripped off when you get get to schoolies by dodgy operators, book your parties in advance with

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4 reasons you should do Schoolies in Bali

30 Jul 2015

Celebrating Schoolies in Bali is the ultimate way to to say 'sayonara' to school life. Read the main 4 reasons why Bali is an awesome destination for Schoolies.

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Should YOU Make The First Move?

03 Jul 2015

Read the signs and don't let the right opportunity to make the first move be lost to someone else who will.

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5 things to consider when booking Schoolies

26 Jun 2015

To ensure you have the best possible Schoolies experience, there are a few important things to consider before making your booking.

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Gold Coast Top 5 Resorts for Beach Bums

19 May 2015

For those that classify their perfect Schoolies holiday as essentially living at the beach, we've compiled a list of our favourite five Gold Coast resorts that will please EVERY beach bum!