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Schoolies in Paradise

21 Feb 2017

Nervous to be overseas for Schoolies? Here's my story...

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Are you old enough?

29 Apr 2016

There is a misconception about how old you need to be to go to Schoolies. Get the facts in this article.

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2017 Schoolies – Are you ready?

19 Apr 2016

Getting yourself organised for Sschoolies starts with booking your room, which you can do with even if you don't yet know who's going to be in it!

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7 Reasons why Bali is an awesome Schoolies destination

09 Mar 2016

Bali is still voted as the most popular destination to travel to for Australians so we wanted to find out why Schoolies love it!

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Your Schoolies Accommodation Guide – the 5 star myth BUSTED!

18 Jan 2016

Here’s our top Schoolies accommodation picks for the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Airlie Beach (that won’t break the bank)

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Five reasons why Schoolies should be spent on an Island

22 Sep 2015

Not that you really need any reasons, here are our top 5 reasons why Schoolies is epic on a tropical island.

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4 reasons you should do Schoolies in Bali

30 Jul 2015

Celebrating Schoolies in Bali is the ultimate way to to say 'sayonara' to school life. Read the main 4 reasons why Bali is an awesome destination for Schoolies.

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5 things to consider when booking Schoolies

26 Jun 2015

To ensure you have the best possible Schoolies experience, there are a few important things to consider before making your booking.

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Gold Coast Top 5 Resorts for Beach Bums

19 May 2015

For those that classify their perfect Schoolies holiday as essentially living at the beach, we've compiled a list of our favourite five Gold Coast resorts that will please EVERY beach bum!

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How to pick your Schoolies destination

01 Apr 2015

Schoolies. It’s the talk of the school. What you’ve all been waiting for. Everyone is tossing up ideas. Where to stay, what to do, how you’re going to get there, how you’re going to afford it. Everyone wants something different. Some people want to go overseas, some want to live it up in the heart of Surfers Paradise and others want to celebrate by relaxing the beach. The pressure is on and ultimately you all want to celebrate together, but are finding it difficult to decide on a Schoolies destination that suits everyone’s wants and needs. Lucky for you, we have plenty of Schoolies destinations for you to choose from and a full break down of what you can do and where.

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What Really Happens In Bali

16 Mar 2015

What's better than Schoolies? Schoolies in Bali. We give you a day in the life of a Schoolie so you can find out what really happens in Bali!

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10 reasons to celebrate Schoolies on the Gold Coast

11 Mar 2015

Besides ‘the best week of your life’, Schoolies means one thing, decisions, decisions, decisions. The pressure is on. Who are you going to stay with? How much are you going to spend? And most importantly where are you going to go? Lucky for you, an ex Schoolie has all the hot tips to help you make the right decision.

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Gold Coast Schoolies - Most Popular Places to Stay

02 Mar 2015

Choosing a hotel for Schoolies can be a little daunting. To make things a little less stressful, we’ve compiled a list of FIVE of our most popular hotels with a brief rundown on what they offer and how much you’ll need to pay per person for the week.