How to pick your Schoolies destination

How to pick your Schoolies destination

Schoolies. It’s the talk of the school. What you’ve all been waiting for. Everyone is tossing up ideas. Where to stay, what to do, how you’re going to get there, how you’re going to afford it. Everyone wants something different. Some people want to go overseas, some want to live it up in the heart of Surfers Paradise and others want to celebrate by relaxing the beach. The pressure is on and ultimately you all want to celebrate together, but are finding it difficult to decide on a Schoolies destination that suits everyone’s wants and needs.
Lucky for you, we have plenty of Schoolies destinations for you to choose from and a full break down of what you can do and where.

Gold Coast
Gold Coast Schoolies is celebrated in the heart of Surfers Paradise, known as a city on the beach. The best of both worlds, especially when celebrating the end of a spectacular era. The atmosphere surrounded by Schoolies week in Surfers Paradise is like no other. A city filled with thousands of likeminded School leavers all there for the same thing, to lap up the glorious beach by day and party all night. For those friends who want to chill out by the beach, Surfers Paradise is an option as well as the Gold Coast’s coast line of some of the most amazing beaches in the world. If you want to escape the Schoolies buzz and chill out, no worries. Hop on a bus, generally located no more than a 5 minute walk from your hotel and head to either Burleigh Heads, Tallebudgera Beach or Rainbow Bay. If you feel like a real adventure, Byron Bay is only 40 minutes away and you can check out secluded beaches such as Fingal on your way. You will not be disappointed.
The Gold Coast is also known for its awesome theme parks. These are well worth the trip and you can usually pick up 3 park passes from $99. BARGAIN!
Since Surfers Paradise is the most popular Schoolies destination, it’s impossible to get bored. With beach raves, international DJ’s, Schoolies Nation parties, and numerous activities during both the day and night, you will find it hard to tick everything off your bucket list in 7 days.
Our array of Schoolies packages differ from 5 star penthouses to bargain hotels to suit everyone’s budget. Surfers Paradise caters for each Schoolies needs and we can guarantee you will have the best week of your life.

Feel like an adventure, relaxing on the beach, experiencing new cultures all whilst partying like there is no tomorrow? Combine your Schoolies week with Bali’s paradise. Spend your days bartering at the local markets, lying by your pool, pamper yourself at the spa, adventure around the island, go white water rafting, drink cocktails at Bali’s famous beach clubs, explore the magnificent surrounding islands and much, much more. After an adventurous day, join in Bali’s daily afternoon delight. Chill out by the beach with a cold beverage, your best friends and the amazing locals. As the breathtaking sun sets, join the rest of your fellow Schoolies at the nightly pool party at your hotel. The Bounty & Troppo Zone are home to the biggest and best pool parties. With their pool bars, international DJ’s, delicious drinks and party atmosphere you are bound to have the best night of your life before you have even left the hotel. Lucky for you, these hotels are in the heart of Bali’s energetic nightlife, which means you are only steps away from some of the best clubs and bars in the world, including the famous Sky Garden Night Club. When booking with, we throw in a complimentary 7 night Sky Garden VIP Party Pass. This includes free entry before 10pm, one hour of free drinks and nightly discounts and specials. Not to mention, each night a new international DJ tears the roof off the joint, literally!
Now, I know that Bali means international flights, which in turn doesn’t seem very cheap, but with special deals from $179 for a whole week of accommodation, Bali’s cheap local prices and if you keep an eye out for bargain flight specials, it can actually be one of the cheapest Schoolies destinations. Plus, you get to enjoy the best week of your life whilst lapping up the luxury of Bali’s paradise. What more could you want?

Byron Bay
What can we say? Anyone who has ever been to Byron Bay falls in love. Byron Bay is famous for its world class beaches, awesome bars and clubs, and all round friendly, hipster and chilled out atmosphere. Combine this magnificent destination with Schoolies week and you have pure bliss. Spend your days exploring their glorious coast line, shopping in town, surfing some of the best waves in Australia, and relax by the glorious seaside. Byron Bay is full of contagious character, by night the town lights up with energy. There are buskers, yes free entertainment. Their local talent draws huge crowds and before you know it, people are gathered dancing in the streets. This is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see. The vibes in the town are like no other, from dancing on tables in cheeky monkeys, to swinging on poles in coco mongo’s, to enjoying the talented live music at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay is one of a kind. Combine all the local ambience with Schoolies festivity and you the perfect week. With thousands of likeminded Schoolies gathered to enjoy the best week of their life, you’re guaranteed to gain new best friends and create memories you will never forget all the heart of Byron Bay.

Airlie Beach
Sleep, Eat, Beach, Rave, Repeat. Airlie Beach is a beach lovers, party goers heaven. Lap up Airlie’s b-e-a-utiful beaches by day and enjoy its lively atmosphere by night. Fill this little slice of paradise with thousands of Schoolies and parties dedicated to celebrating the end of an era and you have the best week of your life. This chilled out atmosphere has the choice of unlimited activities, explore the Whitsunday’s by boat, go jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, river rafting, tubing and even a crocodile safari if you’re feeling up to it.
The Main street covers all your needs with many choices of shopping, entertainment and restaurants. Make sure you check out the very popular Airlie Beach Lagoon which is located in the centre of town, it's free and the best spot to relax after a hard days shopping! One thing to keep on your to do list while in Airlie Beach is to explore the Whitsundays from Airlie with many tours that offer trips out to the reef. When the sun sets, dance the night away with your best friends at our exclusive Schoolies parties. Schoolies at Airlie Beach guarantees you’ll make memories you will never forget in one of the best party towns in Australia.

Located on the scenic Great Ocean Road, more and more School leavers are choosing to celebrate the end of an era at the picturesque town of Lorne.
Lorne’s relaxing resort town is one of Victoria’s most popular beach tourist destinations. Not only is it home to amazing surf and magnificent views but it also offers trendy cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, ancient rainforests, waterfalls and other amazing natural wonders along with a whole host of activities.
When this small town is filled with thousands of School leavers it absolutely comes to life. You won’t get bored when you book with, we offer exclusive Schoolies party passes with different themes each night. Keep yourself busy by surfing, canoeing, bike riding, shopping, skating, walks, tours and BBQ's on the beach. Don't forget to visit the beautiful Erskine falls, the Twelve Apostles, Split Point Lighthouse and the Angahook State Forest.
If you’re thinking of spending Schoolies by the beach and staying closer to home in Victoria, we can guarantee that you will have the best week of your life in the glorious town of Lorne.

In conclusion, provides accommodation for 10 amazing destinations, but these are our most popular, top FIVE. Each destination is unique in their own way, whether it be the hipster town of Byron compared to Surfers Paradise’s city on the beach, we can guarantee that you are going to have the BEST week of your life in a safe environment and at a reasonable price. For more information, check out our FAQ’s or call one our friendly staff at Schoolies is a once in a lifetime experience, so choose wisely and quickly, because we would hate to see you miss out.

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