Should YOU Make The First Move?

Should YOU Make The First Move?

Making the first move on your crush can be extremely nerve racking and daunting. Most of us are fearful of rejection, of not being good enough, of there being someone else, of embarrassing ourselves or simply making the WRONG move. Although we can’t tell you what your crush is thinking, we can let you in on a few common signs that indicate your crush is indeed, KEEN. Keep in mind miscommunication between the opposite sex is something which happens all too often. A lot of guys commonly mistake a girl’s shyness for disinterest, which in turn can lead to the guy backing down and the girl wondering where she went wrong. Ever heard of the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?
Communication and confidence is key when scoring the interest of a mate and most people (unless you’re off the set of mean girls) will be flattered and attracted to a first mover or someone going after what they want.

Read the following signs to see if the ball is in your court...

Body Language

- You constantly catch your crush staring at you from across the room or trying to catch your attention whether it’s showing off or awkwardly turning away when you look in their direction
- When you engage in a conversation with them they rarely look away and take a lot of interest in what you have to say
- They mirror your gestures or sit/stand close to you

They text or snapchat you

- If they are snapchatting you more often than not, they are most likely trying to gauge your level of interest and are too afraid to text you (be weary, they could also be doing it to half their address book and be playing the field so trust your gut on this one)
- If they are texting you AND snapchatting you there is a good chance they are keen. It shows that you are on their mind. This is a good chance to respond with an invitation to meet up or hang out. You’ll soon know if they are serious or just after attention.

They make excuses to run into you or see you

- If your crush is constantly asking questions about your week and your schedule, chances are they want to see you
- If you randomly begin to run into them at places you regularly frequent, you can be sure it’s not a coincidence

What others are saying

- If you’ve been informed by your friends, people you know or your crush’s friends that your crush likes’s usually a sign that they truly do. Having a third party to clarify what you’re unsure of is a great way to move forward, bite the bullet and go after what you want! Being in a love bubble can be blinding so it’s always great to have a second opinion.

REMEMBER, making the first move is scary but at the end of the day, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They’re just not that into you? Crushes are like buses, if you miss one, there is always one around the corner so don’t waste time dwelling, make a move!

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