People are already booking 2024 Schoolies – so should I book too or is it insane to be booking this early?! |
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People are already booking 2024 Schoolies – so should I book too or is it insane to be booking this early?!

Year 11, there is lots to think about and lots to get done – but should booking Schoolies be one of them? Is it organised or just plain crazy to be booking a holiday over a year in advance?
Turns out there are 3 solid reasons to get in early and lock in your Schoolies. Schoolies 2024 went on sale over 18 months in advance of the event, and already thousands of year 11’s have locked in their spot. 
Here’s why. 

1. First Come, First Served

Schoolies hotels and rooms are in high demand. The #1 reason to book early is to get the room you want before they sell out. Some of the most popular hotels sell out almost straight away, and all the Schoolies favourites follow soon after. There are now only limited rooms left in some of our most popular hotels in many Schoolies destinations. 

Leaving it last minute means you might miss out. (Quick tip – bigger rooms sell out fast, so if you’re after a 3-bedroom hotel room that fits your whole crew, you NEED to get in early).
Hotels close to the beach, and close to the party precinct also sell out quickly. It’s no secret these popular rooms sell out, so make sure you’re one of the smart ones who books early and avoids the disappointment of missing out on a primo room for your Schoolies crew. 

2. Layby Means Paying for Schoolies From as Little as $30 / Month 

If you think Schoolies has to be expensive – think again. Not only do we have a selection of hotels to fit varying budgets, but we also have our super awesome, fee-free, layby payment plans. 

Layby is an excellent way to get ahead on paying for Schoolies 2024. You simply book your room with a deposit and then put the remaining cost of your trip on a layby plan, which you pay off in small monthly amounts between now and Schoolies 2024 final payment date. The earlier you book your room, the smaller the monthly amounts of your layby plan are going to be.  Another sound reason to book early!

3. Get Excited, Join the Chat

School is hectic, it good to have a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to! Book Schoolies, and let the countdown begin! You can also join the Schoolies 2024 private Facebook group HERE, and start chatting with other Year 11’s about everything you’re looking forward to at Schoolies 2024, plus get updates from the Schoolies team.
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