Schoolies 2022 is on sale and, wait WHAT? Some hotels have sold out?? |

Schoolies 2022 is on sale and, wait WHAT? Some hotels have sold out?? 11 Mar 2021 by

Year 11’s You might have seen the buzz online, Schoolies 2022 early releases went on sale at the start of the year and thousands of already booked. 

2022 Schoolies is now fully released on, so all destinations are available to book. Year 11’s are booking Schoolies like crazy, and yes some hotels are even sold out already. 

If you’re wondering WHY it is people are booking this early, there are a few perks to know about:

1.) It’s first in first serve on the best hotels and room. Room types especially for big groups sell out fast. And some popular hotels, such as Crown Towers on the Goldy have already sold out for week one. Getting in early means guaranteeing you’ve got the room that you want. Remember, you can make changes after you book, so all good if things change within your group between now and 2022 Schoolies.

2.) One word. LAYBY. Booking a holiday can be pretty exxy, but not Schoolies when you take advantage of Layby Payment plans. When you book, you pay your deposit, and then the rest of the cost of your trip is divided into small monthly payments between now and September next year. Right now you can be paying as little as $14 a month for your Schoolies. The earlier your book, the smaller your monthly payment will be. 

3.) You MUST book your Schoolies accommodation in to get access to our party passes and events. So by locking in your accommodation spot early, you are also guaranteeing you will have confirmed access to our awesome Schoolies parties (think nightclub parties, all ages parties pool parties and of course the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival).

So yes, Grade 11's. It's time to start thinking about your Schoolies! Book your spot on, put it on layby, and then start counting down to the best week of your life!


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