4 reasons you should do Schoolies in Bali

4 reasons you should do Schoolies in Bali

Schoolies in Bali
If you still haven’t made your mind up about where to go for Schoolies, we suggest you consider BALI. For many Perth “leavers”, Bali has been a best kept secret and contrary to popular belief, what really happens in Bali is nothing but pure PEACE and HAPPINESS.

With just the right balance of surfing, day trips, beach, delicious food and shopping, not to mention its pumping, SAFE night life; spending your Schoolies Week in Bali is a decision you definitely won’t regret. Whether you’re a schoolie or a leaver, we thought we’d give you a list of reasons why Bali is the new go-to destination for students, wherever you’re coming from.

Plenty of things to see and do

Rich with history, Bali is the perfect place to experience an entirely unique culture. Whether it’s trying the traditional Balinese cuisine, exploring Bali’s many rice fields, going on a hike up the closest mountain, or visiting a temple in Uluwatu or the many surf beaches – there are plenty of memorable experiences to be had outside of partying. And for those that would prefer a more chilled out day closer to the hotel, why not relax by the pool and spend the rest of the afternoon bartering for the best bargains at market stalls in between relaxing with a massage and hair treatment at the local spa.

When the sun goes down you can choose from one of Bali’s many restaurants and enjoy the many happy hour specials on offer. The Bounty and Troppo Zone Hotels are home to the best parties. From themed dress up parties to pool parties, to competitions and games, these hotels are the place to be before getting amongst Bali’s lively night life.

Awesome night life

With the increasing number of amazing clubs and bars opening in Bali, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. Sky Garden, a schoolies.com favourite, has eight different night clubs under the one roof, allowing you to pick and choose your favourite venue and experience the very best of Bali night life in one safe, central location. Schoolies.com’s FREE 7 night Sky Garden VIP Party Pass means you can lap up the amazing DJ’s, nightly specials and enjoy one hour of FREE drinks every night. What more could you want?

It’s safe

Schoolies.com offers unique safety measures built into every package to ensure you (and your parents) have a trusted support network in the unlikely event that you need it. In fact, great value for money and security for parents is one of the main reasons why our Bali all-inclusive packages usually sell out straight away. There is no need to leave the resort or even touch your wallet once you have arrived as everything is taken care of by Schoolies.com staff. As a Schoolie booking through schoolies.com you can enjoy the security and peace of mind dealing with trusted Redfrog volunteers, Schoolies.com staff, an on-site medical centre plus a 24-hour emergency Australian contact for all Schoolies and parents.

It’s cheap

There’s no doubt about it, opting for Bali over any other destination for Schoolies will ensure you have a wild and well-rested break, without breaking the bank.
Priced from $179*, Schoolies can organise your whole trip to Bali, from your flights, accommodation, travel insurance, return airport transfers, wristbands, food and drinks, to official photos, parties, games, huge DJ line-ups and more.

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