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Schoolies - It's Not As Expensive As You Think

26 May 2016 by Christian
Think Schoolies is expensive? We've got good news. It doesn't have to be!
So you want to enjoy the time of your life with all your mates at Schoolies but you’re not ready to break the bank. 💸 No problem, because a week at Schoolies is not as expensive as many people think. 
You can even score some of the best hotels near the beach and close to all the action and it won't cost you an arm and leg. PLUS there’s heaps of exclusive benefits and extras that go into every booking with, winning! 🤩
You may be thinking of giving Schoolies a miss because you think it's way too expensive, we're here to prove you wrong. With a bit of research on the website and some old-school budgeting, an iconic once-in-a-lifetime Schoolies trip is well within reach. 🙌 Website Hacks

When you are searching for your accommodation on, you can choose to filter the hotels by price, that way you can see all hotels in order from most affordable. This is a great way to go straight to the hotels that are perfect for a schoolie on a budget.

More People = Cheaper Room

The second tip would be to have as many people in your room as possible. The more people you share a room with, the less it costs per person to book.

Chose Your Room Strategically 

When looking for your ideal schoolies accom, think location - is it walking distance to all the action so you can save on ubers? Also make sure you pick one that has a kitchen. Think of all the money you'll save by swapping the Uber Eats and takeaway with wholesome home-cooked meals. Plus you get to bond with your roomies by cooking together, double slay. 🥺


Our number one hack for Schoolies on a budget is our fee-free and zero-interest layby plans. PLUS, the earlier you book and put your Schoolies on a layby plan, the smaller your monthly repayments. That means you could lock your Schoolies in today with a deposit and then pay as little as $18 a month for your trip, how good! 🤑 Find out more about layby here.

Don't Get Stitched up at Check-in

At, all our hotels and apartments are Schoolies-approved, meaning they know your Schoolies when you arrive. When you book privately, with AirBnB or other booking sites, you run the risk of getting turned away when you arrive to check in because you're a schoolie. Could you imagine the stress and extra money you'd need to fork out finding a new place? Save yourself the trouble and book through 🙌 Book Now So what are you waiting for? Lock in your spot now, and remember the time of your life doesn’t have to cost you your life savings. With you can celebrate the end of an era in true style and still have plenty of change in your pocket. 🤑💯

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