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Schoolies - It's Not As Expensive As You Think 26 May 2016 by Andrew S

The best week of your life won’t cost your life savings

So you want to enjoy the time of your life with all your mates at Schoolies but you’re not exactly flushed with cash.

No problem because a week at Schoolies is not as expensive as many people think.

Even some of the best hotels near the beach and close to all the party action aren’t going to cost you an arm and leg, and what’s more, there’s heaps of exclusive benefits and extras that go into every booking with

We’ve heard a few stories over the years of kids deciding to ditch Schoolies because they thought it was too expensive but the reality is, with a bit of research on the website and some old-school budgeting, a brag-worthy Schoolies is well within reach.

Don’t be like Mia Wallace who missed the boat last year and said: “I just assumed it was expensive so I didn’t even bother looking – I wish I did though.”

What Mia probably didn’t realise is that Schoolies accommodation on the Gold Coast starts from as low as $234* per person for seven nights and that includes heaps of exclusive benefits such as supervised events, photo ID, comprehensive security arrangements at accommodation, 24-hour helpline for students and parents and more.

The best part is you can lock in your booking for just $150 and pay the rest later. In fact you don’t have to pay any more until September the year you travel, or you can make regular instalments along the way to ease the squeeze.

Just remember, the time of your life doesn’t have to cost you your life savings. With you can celebrate the end of an era in true style and still have plenty of change in your pocket.

REMEMBER** $150 DEPOSIT LOCKS IN YOUR ROOM! It’s better to be safe than sorry so make sure you get in and book ASAP to avoid disappointment. Call 1800 300 797 or check out the best hotels. 

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