Five Facts You Didn't Know About Schoolies

Five Facts You Didn't Know About Schoolies

So while we all countdown to Schoolies we figured we’d let you in on a few surprising facts about the end of year celebration... From the number of pancakes and condoms distributed, to the real definition of a ‘Schoolie’...

A ‘Schoolie’ was originally a term used for a School teacher, not a pupil. The word was popularly used throughout the first half of the 20th century  

The Red Frog Crew have handed out more than 34 tonnes of red frogs to Schoolies since they commenced operation in 1997 (that’s the combined weight of 14 trucks

In 2011 Red Frogs cooked more than 54,000 pancakes for Schoolies and this year they will hand out more than 10,000 donuts in the first week of celebrations

Frozen Coke, water and Cheeseburgers are the three most popular products sold at McDonalds Cavill Avenue on the Gold Coast, with approximately 15,000 of each product sold every seven days

In 2014 Ansell distributed more than 54,000 SKYN Condoms

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