Booking Relocations FAQ |

Booking Relocations FAQ

1. Why is my original room no longer available?

A large number of hotels/accommodation providers on the Gold Coast have lost several rooms out of their holiday letting pools since advising of their original available room numbers. This can and does happen on a normal year, however we have seen a drastic increase in 2022 due to the current rental crisis and as a result of a Covid-affected travel industry trying to bounce back.

These situations are completely out of the control of the hotels and which is why this is covered in our terms and conditions.

2. Why is my group affected?

The room to be allocated to your group was one of the rooms taken out of the hotel/accommodation provider’s holiday letting pool.

3. What if my group are unhappy with the alternate accommodation?

If your group are not happy with the alternate accommodation you have the option to cancel your booking and, in this circumstance, receive a full refund including the normally non-refundable deposit. The decision must be made as a group, you must ALL decide to take the new room or ALL decide to cancel and be refunded. The refund option is only available to your booking and only if requested via the email sent to you within 24 hours of receipt of the email sent to you. If you do not respond to the email within 24 hours, your booking will automatically be moved to the alternative accommodation.

4. Will my money be transferred to the new room?

Yes! All money you have paid towards your original room will be transferred to the new room. This includes all extras you had purchased.

5. How long will my refund take to be processed?

If you choose the refund option, your refund will be processed by within 3 working days from receipt of your 'cancel and refund' option. Once processed this can take 2-5 working days for your refund to hit your account.