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Booking Update FAQ

1. Why has there been a change to my booking?

The room that you had booked is no longer available. This can happen for several reasons. It is likely that the accommodation provider has lost rooms out of their holiday letting pool. This can and does happen in a normal year, however in 2022 as a result of the impact of Covid we have seen an increase in owner occupiers relocating to the Gold Coast and permanently moving into rooms that were previously being used for a holiday rental (including for Schoolies bookings).

These situations are completely out of the control of both the accommodation provider and

2. How has my alternative accommodation been selected and why are there no other options available?

2022 Schoolies is completely sold out and due to the fact that some accommodation providers have lost rooms out of their holiday rental pools, there are limited alternative rooms available. The alternative room allocated to you is the best available option based on the number of people in your booking.

3. When will my booking be updated to reflect the alternative accommodation?

Your booking will be updated within 3 business days from the date your change notification email was sent to you. All information, payments and extras will be transferred across to the new booking.

4. What if my Group are unhappy with the alternative accommodation?

The alternative accommodation option offered to you is the only option available. We have offered your group an alternative accommodation option therefore standard terms apply should you choose to cancel your booking.

5. How can I contact

All communications with must be via the Organiser of your booking. Please direct any communication to using the email address registered in the booking of the Organiser. It is not possible for us to respond to emails related to your booking that do not originate from the email address of your booking organiser.