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If you're heading to Fiji for Schoolies get ready to kick back, relax and party the night away! Incredible pool parties get the good vibes going right till the sunsets. Once the sun goes down on Schoolies Island, the party heats up. There are themed parties and events every night of the trip. You’ll be partying in paradise, on the pristine beaches of Fiji.

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DAY 1 - Back to School Party
Dress code is School Uniform. Rock it for one last time!
DAY 2 - Tight and Bright Party
Dress code is anything TIGHT and BRIGHT!
DAY 3 - Beach Party
Embrace the tropical vibes and dress in anything beachy.
DAY 4 - Movie Night
Relax under the stars for a chill out night, and catch a movie on our big screen.
DAY 5 - White Party
Dress code is head to toe all white.
DAY 6 - Jungle Party
This party is WILD, the dress code is animal print or jungle costume.
DAY 7 - Gender Bender
We are switching things up on the final night, dress in outfits of the opposite gender.

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Please note that does not guarantee that Schoolies specific events or activities will be available in any destination or in a specific week. Event programs, when offered will be confirmed by 30 September. For full terms click HERE.