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Mantra Lorne Parties

If you are booked into the top-selling Mantra Lorne for your Schoolies, you will be treated to a 4 Night Party Package at Mantra's exclusive venue "Beachside".


The line-up for Mantra Lorne always goes off, get your outfits ready and get excited. Your themes for the week are:

Night 1
Traffic Light Party
Wear Red, Orange or Green
Night 2
Bring your best summer vibes. Think swimmers and boardies
Night 3
Black & White
Monochrome madness for night 3. Wear black or white, or a mix of both
Night 4
Back to School
Rep your school uniform for one more, wild night!

These parties are exclusive to Schoolies.com Mantra Lorne Bookings.

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Lorne Parties

The Lorne parties are exclusive 18+ schoolies events held at the best venue in Lorne - The Lorne Hotel.
The Lorne Hotel will be dropping a lineup of 10/10 DJ's to entertain Lorne schoolies.


There will be 7-nights of parties at the Lorne hotel, so buckle up for one memorable schoolies.
The DJ lineup will be released closer to schoolies so stay tuned.
Lorne is the perfect destination for schoolies if you are from VIC and want to keep it local for celebrating after the VCE!

2023 Lorne Schoolies is selling out fast, lock in your spot now.

Your entry to the Lorne Schoolies.com Parties is included in your Lorne Schoolies Passport.
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