Schoolies Week 2 |

Gold Coast Week 2

Schoolies Week 2 on the Gold Coast is filled with parties back to back. Don’t miss out on the best DJ’s with a Schoolies Tour Pass. The Schoolies Tour is your ticket to the craziest club parties with over 50+ DJ’s and entry to the infamous Schoolies Nation Beach Festival headlined by Will Sparks, YO Mafia & Horizon!

Schoolies Tour

If you don't want to miss out on the best DJ's you need to grab a Schoolies Tour Pass. There are two types;

Tour Pass (Beach Fest + Parties U18)
- Entry into the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival
- Access to 3 x All Age Parties held in Nightclubs
I'm 18? Don't stress, you can still attend this event!

Tour Pass (Beach Fest + Club 18+ Pass)
- Entry into the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival
- 7 Nights access into the associated Nightclubs
Friends are underage? That's cool. Ask us about an add on that lets you party with them at the All Ages Parties!

Club Pass

Make sure you add the Club Pass to you booking if you are heading to week two schoolies and you are going to be over 18. This pass will get you into all the hottest clubs on the glitter strip of Surfers Paradise for free! We have hooked you up for every night of schoolies, no door charge when you have this VIP pass to flash at the door! 5 nightclubs. 7 nights of free entry, all with 1 ticket – the Club Pass.