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Ramada Resort Phillip Island Reviews

Average rating of 5.0 from 29 reviews

James A

The ramada resort provided me and my group with a really great stay, plenty of fun stuff to do within the resort and only a short taxi ride from the cowes beach esplanade.

11 Dec 2019
Jasmin D

I really enjoyed staying at the Ramada as it was very spacious and spread out, plus the facilities such as the pool and spa was a good place to spend time during the day

10 Dec 2019
Brandon V

Great facilities with a very comfortable environment to live in.

8 Dec 2019
Grace N

was lovely, super close to all my other friends at the resort and fantastic pool and BBQ area. Highly recommend

8 Dec 2019
Jackie A

The cottage I stayed in was very good and accommodating for myself and all other guests that stayed in it and the staff at the resort were very kind. The whole resort was a great place to stay at

2 Dec 2019

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