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5 Things To Consider Before Booking Schoolies

26 Jun 2015 by Olivia W
Schoolies is supposed to be one of the best weeks of your life, it’s a time to unleash, have an adventure and make the most of your graduation and time with friends. To ensure you have the best possible Schoolies experience, we thought we’d outline a few important things to consider BEFORE making your booking.

#1 Booking in advance

We know it may seem stupid to book your accommodation so far in advance, but we ask that you do so for a reason – SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT! The best accommodation almost always books out first and there is nothing worse than going to book your Schoolies at a later date and realising all the great places close to the beach have been taken! It can also sometimes mean being separated from your friends (who booked earlier and secured their accommodation ahead of you!). Do you really want to be stuck in a hotel which is a trek away from all the action with people you don’t really want to spend your whole Schoolies week with?! At the moment www.Schoolies.com has a promotion to help those that are finding it difficult to pay the full amount up front. You can now secure your Schoolies holiday for just $100, no more to pay for 17 months!

#2 Booking accommodation with THAT group of friends

You know who they are – that group or person that doesn’t necessarily bring out the best in you! Trust your gut and always book a room with someone you know you will get along with and who will steer you away from trouble. One week is a long time when you’re spending every second together so make sure you and your roomie see eye to eye and agree on how Schoolies should be spent (soaking up the rays and partying SENSIBLY!).

#3 The location of your hotel

If you’re someone that isn’t quite familiar with the Gold Coast or the Schoolies end of the Gold Coast, you may be under the impression that every Schoolies hotel is situated directly on the beach. Unfortunately not every apartment has this benefit and although most apartments are within walking distance of Cavil Avenue and the beach, quite a few are further away than you think. If you’re walking home after a night of partying (let’s hope you have a buddy by your side at ALL TIMES), you really want to save yourself the hike and get home to your post party lasagne ASAP! Quite a few hotels can advertise their position as on the beach but this is far from the truth. Do your homework and check the distance between your hotel, Cavil and the beach, BEFORE locking in your room.

#4 Doing your homework

It can be a little daunting deciding where to stay for Schoolies. Do you want to stay somewhere a little removed from all of the Schoolies action or right in the thick of it? Do you want to go overseas to Bali, stay on the Gold Coast or head somewhere like Byron Bay and chill out for a week? Schoolies.com offers a range of great accommodation deals in a number of different destinations. Before you book be sure to check the reviews of past Schoolies to see what has been said about the resort and each destination and whether it ticks all the right boxes for YOU.

#5 Booking with a Schoolies specialist

There are a lot of great deals around and sometimes it can seem overwhelming and just as simple or even cheaper to book your accommodation on your own, without a Schoolies specialist. However, booking through a specialist will often save you a lot more money in the long run, not to mention time as all the hotels are listed on the one platform. Schoolies.com is the EXCLUSIVE booking agent for the onsite managers of more than 100 Schoolies accommodations in destinations throughout Australia including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Lorne and overseas in Bali. What a lot of people don’t realise is when you book with Schoolies.com you get more than just accommodation! Upon booking with us you will receive an official Schoolies.com Photo ID, access to all the hottest parties on the beach, comprehensive security at all Schoolies.com properties, exclusive discounts at restaurants and attractions during your Schoolies week and MUCH MORE! We also have a FAQs page on our website which is perfect for those parents that need a little bit of convincing ;).

Call 1800 300 797 or visit www.Schoolies.com to book.

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