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Before submitting an enquiry, read below to see if your questions are answered


This amount will show in your booking in 2-4 days. We will not cancel your booking if you paid before the final payment date.

I have lost my Password or Booking Number

Please click here and follow the instructions

I need another copy of my confirmation email

Please log into your booking and select the Re-Send Confirmation email. If you don’t have your log in follow the Lost Password instructions above.

I have changed my Email Address, how do I update

Please log into your booking and select edit details and enter your new email address.

How do I register for Schoolies?

Information on the process for registering for this year's schoolies will be provided in your travel documents closer to arrival.

How do I get my building pass?

Please log into your booking and select the Upload Photo button. Then follow the instructions. Building passes will be issued on arrival at Schoolies Week

I am enquiring about a bond refund

To apply for your bond refund please log into your booking and select the bond Refund option. Bonds will be released approximately 10 days after departure.
Please note Bond Refunds will not be processed by phone or email.

I want to make changes to my booking

By logging into your booking you can make the following changes online free of charge:

  • Replace a person
  • Correct name spellings
  • Amend email details
  • Move room mates between rooms
  • Resend email confirmations
  • Reset passwords

The following changes can also be made for an admin fee of $60 per person:

You can also cancel a booking online (deposits are non refundable)

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