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What Is Schoolies Week

So you've heard of Schoolies Week but you're not really sure what it actually is? Read on to find out everything you need to know. 🤝

Schoolies Week is a celebration for Australian grade 12 leavers, thousands of graduates gather throughout destinations all around AUS and overseas every year, with some destinations offering with parties, festivals, and events run especially for Schoolies. Not only is it a time to celebrate at epic parties, but also to make core memories, meet new people, enjoy stress-free freedom and spend quality time with your besties before you all head off to the real world.


Where Is Schoolies

Schoolies takes place in many different destinations across Australia and internationally. The Gold Coast is the most iconic Schoolies destination, being home to the BIGGEST and BEST Schoolies celebrations for over 35 years. It offers the largest range of parties, festivals and events attracting over 30,000 graduates each year, (slay). 🎉🙌

But that's not it, Schoolies.com offers accommodation and events in so many epic destinations across the nation like Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Lorne, Sunshine Coast and even Schoolies Island in Fiji to name a few. ✈️

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Schoolies Safety

Safety at Schoolies is just as important as having the time of your life. That's why at Schoolies.com we work alongside various services and organisations to ensure the Schoolies environment is as safe as possible. There are a number of safety measures in place at multiple destinations, including but not limited to

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Schoolies FAQ's


Q. Which week do I go?

There are 2 different weeks of Schoolies (depending on destination) the week you pick usually depends on what date you graduate. Generally, week 1 is for Queensland graduates, and week 2/3 is for NSW, VIC, and all other graduates. But you can choose whatever week you like.


Q. Can I go if I'm 17?

Of course! Don't let being 17 stop you from enjoying the best week of your life at Schoolies. Booking with Schoolies.com unlocks access to our epic parties and events, all of which you can attend even if you're not going to be 18. Read more about being 17 at Schoolies here.


Q. When is Schoolies?

Schoolies takes place after graduation in November. For dates, click here.


Q. Do you have to pay upfront?

If you don't have the funds to pay upfront, don't stress! Here at Schoolies.com, we've made it so easy and affordable to lock in your Schoolies trip without breaking the bank. Our secret? Schoolies Flexi Pay Plans! Just pay your deposit and the rest of your trip will be broken up into small monthly repayments, easy! Find out more here.

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