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The 6 Schoolies Questions We Get Asked the Most 06 Jun 2019 by Claire T

Can I Go to Schoolies if I Drop Out of School?

YES! allow you to book your Schoolies with us as long as it is your graduating year even if you have dropped out. You can attend any events too.

How Can I Get Party Tickets? host the biggest and best Schoolies parties at Schoolies Week. These include 18+ AND all ages events. Club shows, pool parties and the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival are MUST NOT MISS Schoolies events. The only way to get tickets to events is to book your accommodation on the website. Once you have done that, you can login and add party tickets to your booking for the events that you want to go to.

When Should I book?

It’s never too early to book Schoolies Week, it goes on sale when you are in Year 10 or 11 usually sometime near the start of the year. The most popular Schoolies hotels sell out first, so if you want the pick of the bunch get on it ASAP. There is also the option to put your Schoolies on layby, meaning that you pay it off in small monthly repayments. The earlier you book your Schoolies, the smaller your monthly repayments will be. Avoid being part of the FOMO crowd and book Schoolies early!

Do You Have to be Over 18 to Go to Schoolies?

No! We design Schoolies Week to cater to Schoolies that are both under and over 18. We have HEAPS of all ages events. Check out our guide to Schoolies Week when you are 17 HERE.

Can My Friend Who Has Already Graduated Come to My Schoolies?

That is a hard NO we are afraid. Schoolies Week is ONLY for people who are set to graduate in that year. It is a once in a lifetime event! Even more reason not to miss it the year that you are graduating Year 12. Anyone who goes to Schoolies Week after their graduating year is considered a TOOLIE, and is not permitted into any of the official events.

Can I stay in an AirBnb?

A common mistake people make is thinking that they can stay in an Airbnb for Schoolies and still have a sweet time. Here’s why this is NOT always the case.

1. If you haven't told them you are a schoolie prior to arrival, you won't be allowed to check-in and you will be left stranded without accommodation on arrival day. Every year we have calls from distraught students and parents who have done exactly this and are in now can’t find anywhere to stay (because everywhere is sold out!) after being refused entry. FAIL! Our hotels love and welcome Schoolies with open arms year on year. PS – Don’t think you can get away with pretending mum and dad are staying either!

2. As Airbnb’s are essentially people’s residential homes, you are extremely likely to get complaints from neighbours, if they find out you are Schoolies. Too many complaints and you face eviction! Avoid any issues and stay in a hotel.

3 NO access to party tickets. That's right, if you want to come to the official parties (Schoolies Nation Beach Festival, Schoolies parties, club shows and pool parties), you have to book your accommodation on our website. You also don't get any of the sweet extras like your photo ID lanyard, official merch and heaps of other cool stuff that comes with booking with

4. Stay where the Schoolies stay. You only get one chance to go to Schoolies! Do it right! And get amongst it!

Ready to book? Awesome, book your Schoolies now!

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