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If you are Year 11, you can now lock in your Schoolies for 2025 with the one and only! is where your search starts for accommodation, events, merch and more. We have Schoolies accommodation on the Gold Coast, all around Australia, Fiji and Bali. We are the #1 provider for Schoolies and are a one-stop shop for everything you will need to lock in your Schoolies 2025 trip with your Schoolies crew.

Popular hotels sell out fast, booking early means you won't miss out on your preferred accommodation. 

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Schoolies Dates

Week 1 (22 - 29 Nov) QLD Schoolies Book Now
Week 2 (27 Nov - 7 Dec) NSW & VIC Schoolies Book Now

Flexi Pay Your Schoolies

Your Schoolies Flexi Pay plan is super simple to set up

  1. Book your Schoolies week on, and pay your deposit
  2. Log into your account and select “Set Up Flexi Pay Plan”
  3. Enter your payment card details

That's it! You're on your way to Schoolies! Once you have set up your Schoolies Flexi Pay plan, a payment will come out each month until the booking is paid in full.

(We told you it was easy!)

Booking Perks

At, we love to share the love. You’ve got awesome freebies coming your way when you book on the #1 website for all things schoolies –!