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Why You Deserve to Go to Schoolies

16 Jul 2019 by Claire T

1. You have worked SO hard to get here

Getting through high school is full of ups and downs. Assignments and exams seem endless, and at times it can feel like it is never going to end! It is a massive achievement to get to the end of your schooling, and you deserve to take some time when it’s over to enjoy and celebrate the end of your schooling era. Treat yourself to an amazing week at Schoolies – you've earned it!

2. This is one of the last times you and your mates will be all together

You most likely have the intention of staying in touch with everyone once you leave school, but the truth is life happens, people go their separate ways, and things change. The reality is, the group of people you are sharing your school experience with will never be together in the same way ever again. Spending Schoolies week together is an amazing way to celebrate all you have been through together and create one more set of amazing memories from this moment in your life.

3. You can't go back and do it another time, its now or NEVER

You truly only get one chance to go to Schoolies. Schoolies week is for graduating school leavers only, so you can’t just skip it, thinking you might go the following year. If you skip it, that’s it, that is your chance gone to go to Schoolies. Save yourself from the FOMO!

4. Adulting life is right around the corner (yuck). Enjoy right now

Those carefree days are coming to an end, and adulthood is coming in hot! Take Schoolies week as a moment to soak up those last amazing days of your youth.

5.  It’s a once in a life time opportunity, and we want YOU to experience for yourself

Schoolies week is awesome. From staying in the Schoolies hotels with your best mates to days relaxing in the sun on the beach, meeting new people, hitting up the pool parties and partying into the night. Schoolies.com has spent 35 years creating and perfecting the Schoolies Week experience into something really special, and we can’t wait to see you there. Book Now schoolies-2023-book-now.jpg

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