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“Is Schoolies Safe?”

Struggling to convince your mum or dad about heading to Schoolies? To help you out we have created a list of five ways we are making Schoolies safe!
1. Building ID’s + Security = #NoToolies
Your pink Schoolies lanyard is not only the must-have accessory during Schoolies Week but it is also your pass to get in and about your hotel. All the main Schoolies.com buildings have building ID’s and security in place to keep out the toolies and keep the good vibes in.
2. Red Frogs
The beloved Red Frogs have been operating at Schoolies for over 14 years. Armed with their ice-breaking Allen’s Red Frogs 1200 volunteers patrol the streets supporting young people, and providing a positive presence in the crazy party culture. Red Frogs specialize in walk homes, pancakes in your apartment, assistance in room cleaning and most importantly handing out tones of sugar.
3. Support Services 
A variety of support services are on offer during Schoolies Week at key destinations. There is a highly visible presence of services such as police, security, emergency services, officials and volunteers. They offer general support, medical assistance, advice, and information. In the past, Surfers Paradise has also offered a Schoolies only zone to prevent the toolies from taking part in the celebrations.

4. 24-hour parent hotline

During the event, we offer a 24/7 hotline for parents and Schoolies. This service is exclusive when you book with Schoolies.com and is here to answer all your questions and give support in any way we can!
5. Schoolies.com are the experts
We have been doing this for over 30 years! Don’t believe everything you hear, it’s actually tamer than you think. Over the years Schoolies.com and government bodies have worked collaboratively to give you the safest experience possible. Our mission here at Schoolies.com is for everyone to come together and celebrate their new-found freedom and have the best week ever! Booking with Schoolies.com = booking with the pros!  parent-info-saftey-at-schoolies.jpgWant to know more about safety at Schoolies? Check out our parent page below.
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