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Schoolies Island Fiji - The Best Decision I've Ever Made!

This week’s blog is brought to you by 2022 Schoolie, Piper Morison from Melbourne. Piper spent her Schoolies on Fiji Island and had the best week of her life! Read more about her once in a life time trip below. ✈️🏝️☀️
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I booked schoolies Fiji with my best friend and didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was I was going to a tropical island and celebrating completing 13 years of school, little did I know it would be the best decision I’ve ever made!
The day of the flight was also my 18th birthday and I think it was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. At the airport, waiting to board you could see all the other groups that were also on their way to Fiji and once we finally got onto the plane, everyone began nervously introducing themselves and getting to know the people sitting with them. Never would I have thought these people were about to become some of my best friends. Fiji-island-schoolies-amazing.png
Once we arrived in Fiji, we were greeted by Schoolies staff, and they helped us with everything; all we had to do was board the boat to Treasure Island. As our boat arrived, we were met with the most stunning beach and a traditional welcome song sung by the Fijians. The Fijian staff were the loveliest people and always went above and beyond to accommodate to every request. One of my favourite things was being greeted with ‘Bula’ and a huge smile every time I walked by. 
The coolest thing about Schoolies Island Fiji was that during the day it was an incredible beach holiday where I got to go paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, swim in the pool, feed turtles, learn to make headbands and necklaces and spend every day on the most picturesque island. But then at night, the party would kick into gear, and everyone would get into their themed outfits ready to dance the night away. schoolies-island-fiji-incredible.png
I made so many amazing friendships in my week in Fiji; being a smaller group compared to at other Schoolies destinations, everyone got to know each other super quickly and became like one huge friend group. The plane ride home was so different to the trip there as we had all become so close and spent the whole time laughing and discussing our favourite memories from the trip. When we landed back in Melbourne, we all waited for each other and when we had to say our final goodbyes, we all cried. I could not be more grateful for the people I met, I still talk to the friends I made every day and have caught up with them many times since being back home, I’m even planning a trip to Sydney soon to see some of the people I met from up there!
I cannot recommend Schoolies Island Fiji enough; it was the most incredible holiday with the best people and not to mention the best food too (I still dream about the amazing buffet spread we had every day). Honestly, if I could do Schoolies again, I’d go back to Fiji in a heartbeat. 
If you want to have the best week of your life just like Piper did, lock in your spot on Schoolies Island Fiji now!
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