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5 Reasons To Spend Schoolies On A Tropical Island

22 Sep 2015 by Grace J

Imagine sipping on drinks with your friends in a secluded pool on your very own remote tropical island to celebrate the end of year 12. Well that’s exactly what Schoolies.com is offering school leavers if they choose Fiji as their number one destination for end of year festivities!

Say goodbye to teachers and exams and hello to crystal clear blue water, white sandy beaches and snorkelling through pristine reefs …Fiji is one of those holiday destinations where you strongly consider delaying your flight home the moment you have to leave.

Here are five reasons why Fiji is fast becoming the most popular Schoolies destination:

It feels like one massive beach party
If you like the beach and you like partying, Fiji is definitely the perfect partnership. You’ll be surrounded by school leavers and will have a chance to meet new people, mingle and potentially engage in some summer romance while dancing round a bonfire at a Schoolies.com hosted beach party.

You won’t run out of things to do
Whether you want to spend the day sunbaking, shopping, embracing Fiji’s culture, going on an adventure around the island or participating in water sports and activities, you really won’t EVER run out of things to do and see in Fiji. You’ll find your days are packed to the rafters with outings and sunny adventures and your evenings are brimming with bonfires, beach parties and glorious sunsets! Fiji provides the perfect balance of partying and relaxing.

It’s safe

Schoolies.com offers unique safety measures built into every Fiji package to ensure you (and your parents) have a trusted support network in the unlikely event that you need it. In fact, great value for money and security for parents is one of the main reasons why our Fiji all-inclusive packages usually sell out straight away. There is no need to leave the resort or even touch your wallet once you have arrived as everything is taken care of by Schoolies.com staff. As a Schoolie booking through Schoolies.com you can enjoy the security and peace of mind dealing with trusted Redfrog volunteers, Schoolies.com staff, an on-site medical centre plus a 24-hour emergency Australian contact for all Schoolies and parents.

You’ll remember it
Okay so you’re always going to remember Schoolies but for some reason going overseas after graduation is so much more memorable than a trip close to home. For a lot of you, going overseas for Schoolies signifies independence and the next chapter of your life. If you’re wanting a post school holiday filled with adventure, fun, sun and cultural experiences, Fiji is definitely a destination you won’t forget.
Besides… think of all the snapchats you’ll be able to take on your own private island!

It’s more affordable than you think
There’s no doubt about it, booking Fiji over any other destination for Schoolies will ensure you have a wild island break, without breaking the bank.
Priced from just $1999*, Schoolies.com can organise your whole trip to Fiji, from your flights, accommodation, travel insurance, return airport transfers, wristbands, food and drinks, to photos, parties, games, huge DJ line-ups and more.
View Fiji accommodation or call 1800 300 797 to book your Fiji experience TODAY.

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