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Schoolies Parties 2023: GET THE FACTS

Grade 12's! Schoolies 2023 is on sale NOW abnd selling FAST, so it's time to get your Schoolies party plans sorted! If you're feeling confused about Schoolies parties or you're not sure what parties you can or can't go to, we're here to give you the facts! parties are exclusive to customers

To attend events, like our All Ages Club Parties, Schoolies Nation Festival, Hilton Pool Party and free entry to the clubs PLUS more, you MUST have a booking. Haven't made a booking yet? BOOK NOW.

What if I'm not 18? 

If you're going to be under 18 at Schoolies, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Each year we have thousands of Schoolies who are under 18, so don't worry - we've got you covered! We have a huge range of all-age events for you all, including our All Age Club Parties, Hilton Pool Party, Schoolies Nation Festival PLUS more! All of our all-ages events are for ALL ages, this means you still get to party with your 18+ friends. Please remember to attend these events you MUST have a booking. 

If I've dropped out, can I still go to Schoolies?

Dropped out but still want to party with your friends? We got you boo! If you have dropped out, can still attend events BUT you must have a booking to attend events. 

Where do I get my party tickets?

If you're travelling to the Gold Coast, you collect your party tickets, as well as all your exclusive Schoolies merch, free stuff and other goodies, at Schoolies Central! If you're travelling to any of our other destinations your party tickets will be given to you when you check in to your Schoolies accommodation.

Can I buy tickets when I get there?

No! You must have your party passes added to your booking BEFORE you arrive! Add your tickets now.

So that's it! Now that you have all your party facts it's time to get planning!
Rooms are selling fast so click here to lock in your spot today. 


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