Eco Beach Resort Reviews for

Eco Beach Resort Reviews

Average rating of 4.6 from 27 reviews

Alyssa S

Really nice, exceeded expectations.

9 Dec 2012
Heidi A

This place was great, so close to town and the beaches just a short walk away. Even shorter at night ! Got my money worth in the spa, lived there. The rooms are lovely and open which is great.

1 Dec 2012
Joshua C

The accommodation was excellent. The rooms were great for what we wanted, the staff were always kind to us and made sure that our experience was safe and enjoyable. Couldn't recommend any higher.

29 Nov 2012
Emily P

very good condition. rooms clean.

28 Nov 2012
Daniel L

The building was amazing and in perfect condition and in the perfect location! Catered for every need.

28 Nov 2012

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