Schoolies Photo Id - Upload Your Photo |

What Is The Photo ID?

All customers that book through will receive a FREE Photo ID. This pass contains your name, your photo and other details about your booking. You will need a Photo ID to access your accommodation.

How Do I Apply?

Log into your booking and follow the Photo ID instructions.
If you don’t have a booking, don’t worry. Simply select your hotel and lock in with a deposit, no more to pay until Sep in the year of travel.

Uploading your Photo

2021 Schoolies are now able to upload their photos. 

When uploading your photo, there are some key things to consider.

  • Your photo is used by security at you hotel to identify you – so don’t upload anything silly! If your photo looks vastly different to your physical appearance, you won’t be allowed in your hotel.
  • All Schoolies Photo ID’s need to be uploaded 60 days prior to your travel date or a late fee of $60 will apply.
  • Your Schoolies Photo ID will be available at your accommodation when you check in.

Please note: The Schoolies Photo ID is not a proof of age card and is only available to Schoolies who book through Some buildings may be exempt from requiring a Schoolies Photo ID.