Schoolies Central |

Schoolies Central

Schoolies Central should be one of your first points of call. This is where you collect your party passes, merch and singlets.

Schoolies Central 2019 was located in Cavill Lane. Each year the location of Schoolies Central may change. Details on where Schoolies Central 2020 is will be confirmed soon and communicated via your travel documents.

You will find the following at Schoolies Central:

  • Collection point for schoolies party passes, singlets and VIP packs
  • Freebies and giveaways daily
  • The collection point for schoolies photo IDs and replacements for lost IDs
  • A central point for information about what's happening at Schoolies
  • Remember to bring your schoolies photo ID to collect your pre-purchased tickets and merch.


Schoolies Central 2019 opening times:

Saturday 16th November:       9am - 8pm

Sunday 17th November:          9am - 5pm

Monday 18th November:         9am - 5pm

Tuesday 19th November:        10am - 5pm

Wednesday 20th November:   10am - 5pm

Thursday 21st November:       10am - 2pm

Friday 22nd November:           Closed

*Times are subject to change throughout the week