Schoolies Dates

Schoolies Dates

Schoolies dates for 2019 and 2020 are locked in. There are 3 weeks of schoolies celebrations and the dates that you go traditionally depends on what state you graduate school in. You can go to schoolies any of the 3 weeks, but you will find most school leavers stick to the schoolies dates that are traditional to their state. Week 1 of schoolies, is when school leavers from Queensland go to schoolies and week 2 these is when school leavers from NSW, VIC and other states head off for their week of fun. The dates for schoolies 2019 and schoolies 2020 are as follows:

Week 1 16th-23rd November 2019
Week 2 23rd November -1st December 2019
Week 1 21st – 28th November 2020
Week 2 28th – 6th December 2020
Week 1 20th – 27th November 2021
Week 2 27th – 5th December 2020

Finally, there are also schoolies dates for the third week of schoolies. Week 3 is usually a lot quieter than the preceding weeks and we don't hold any official events in this week.

So when should you start planning your schoolies? As early as possible is the answer. The best hotels and rooms will sell out first, so if you want to be able to pick from the best rooms and the best prices, it is a good idea to get on it as soon as possible It is also great to have something locked in and to look forward to! Booking early also means you have the option to put your trip on layby, meaning you can pay your trip off in small monthly amounts. 

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