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Schoolies Deals

Find the best deal for you and your crew!

If you are on a budget, it can be tricky figuring out a plan for Schoolies. There are so many options to choose from! So what is the best way to go about getting the best deal for Schoolies? Here are a few tips.

The more people in your room, the better the Schoolies deal

Schoolies rooms are priced per person, each room has a minimum and a maximum number of people you can have in each room. You are going to get a better deal on the room if you have the maximum number of people in it. So, round up the crew and get everyone organised and keen to share a Schoolies room! 

Deals for Schoolies Group in Cavill

Browse accommodation by price

A cool function on the Schoolies accommodation search is that you can browse accommodation for Schoolies by price. Get shown the very best deals first by choosing to sort the hotels price low-high, when you are filling in the search criteria. This is super handy if you are on the tight budget. 

Stay local for a great deal on your Schoolies 

Once you add travel to your Schoolies booking, it can start to add up. If you are looking at keeping the cost down for your Schoolies, you might get a better deal if you consider staying closer to home. If the Gold Coast is going to be a bit of a mission to get to, why not see if one of our other destinations is going to be closer (and therefore more cost-effective) to get to. Maybe Lorne, Rye or Phillip Island if you are in Victoria, or Airlie Beach if you are up north. Port Stephens, Victor Harbor and the Sunshine Coast are also destinations, shop around first to work out what might be the best deal for you!

Book a Secret Schoolies room

Secret Schoolies is a fun way to book your Schoolies at an awesome deal. Secret Schoolies means you can book a hotel, at an awesome deal. The catch? You don’t find out what hotel it is until after you have booked! But don’t fear, it will be a hotel that is on the website, and include official Photo ID, access to parties and exclusive merchandise deals.

Deals for Schoolies Group in Pool

It is possible to go to Schoolies if you are on a budget, just use these simple hacks to find yourself a great deal. Once you have sorted what room you are going to book, don’t forget have our layby payment plans, which means once you have paid your $150 deposit you can pay off the remainder of your booking in small monthly amounts. The earlier you book, the smaller your monthly payments are. So what are you waiting for, book now