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Destination - Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise, QLD

Boasting kilometres of golden sandy beaches, a warm year-round climate and an endless list of stylish resorts and beachside accommodation, it's no wonder thousands of school leavers make the journey to the Gold Coast each year to take part in the nation's largest Schoolies celebration.

At the heart of the Gold Coast lies Surfers Paradise, where the spirit of Schoolies was born. Each year Surfers Paradise's famous Cavill Avenue, Esplanade and Surfers Paradise main beach comes alive with entertainment for all to enjoy.

There's an abundance of entertainment options on offer both day and night in Surfers Paradise. Head to the beach for a surf or to simply chill out or explore the streets offering a plethora of eateries, boutiques and beachfront markets.

There is also an endless list of clubs and bars nestled amongst Schoolies accommodation to party the night away!

Venturing just outside of Surfers Paradise but still within close proximity of all the Schoolies action is accommodation in Broadbeach and Main Beach.

In Broadbeach you will find the latest fashion at the Gold Coast's largest shopping centre, Pacific Fair as well as Broadbeach Mall only a short stroll from Kurrawa Beach.

In Main Beach the village atmosphere of Tedder Avenue with its scattering of boutique shops and eateries is a must-see, as is the uncrowded stretch of beach.

And if thrill seeking is on your list of things to do, don't forget to check out the Gold Coast's constantly evolving world famous theme parks!

Average rating of 4.8 from 2055 reviews

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Caleb Z

Best location for a schoolies destination.

Hannah R

Everything is there, the best clubs, beach, people, theme parks... You name it!

Jack L

Party Central!

Claire S

It is so relaxed and easing to be relaxed in. There is something to do for everyone.

Jayden H

Gold Coast is known for schoolies

Tarlie H

Perfect schoolies location!

Jack B

What's not o love about the goldy?

Nicole B

I love the Gold Coast and want to go back a million times!

Nicole B

I love the Gold Coast and want to go back a million times!

Maddy C

Gold Coast was by far the best choice for schoolies! I had the best week I my life here and I'm so glad I went, never wanted to leave.

Jackson D

Gold Coast was great had night the party's where crazy, and at day there was plenty of stuff to do. It was patrolled heavily by security which is good for my safety and the ones around me. It was a fantastic location I'm glad I picked it.

Amy S

The Gold Coast is a great destination for schoolies, there is so much to do and you can always be having fun.

Jamie C

Defs the best location to hold schoolies I loved it

Georgia M

I'm so happy I spent schoolies at the Gold Coast, so much to do and so much fun!

Maddie G

It was an amazing experience, always felt safe!

Ebony J

Gold coast is the place to go for schoolies!

Bridie E

Love the GC, can't wait to return

Josh T

Awesome and crazy


Always something to do, shopping and activities

Nicola G

There's always so much to do!

Jamayca H


Cameron F

wicked place, so big and safe


Really nice, heaps of places to visit

Emma A

Very nice place to spend the week!

William C

Had the best week ever

Nikita K

love the gold coast!! will deffinently be back!

Blake M

%100 worth

Denzyl S

First time experiencing the Gold Coast, and had such an amazing time! Schoolies made it 100x better, and the people, shops, and prices of everything made it so affordable and fun.

Natasha B

This is a great place, the only place that is a proper schoolies experience.

Laura F

Love it here!


Gold Coast is a great place to experience schoolies, a number of shops and attractions to look around for during my stay.

Chris H

The Gold Coast is the best coast in all the land

Ashleigh S

Destination is perfect it is easy to get to and has a great atmosphere!

Gabrielle G

The Gold Coast is a beautiful location with all facilities and parties in walking distance which made it very convenient.

Victoria D

Love the goldcoast!


Great weather Great place

Tessa H

Wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

David S

such a beautiful place!

Tayla C

Awesome. Memories will last forever.

Jacob I

great place to be with access to so many things in such a small place not forgetting being right on the golden strip!

Kaitlin C

The Gold Coast really put on a show for schoolies this year, the weather was perfect and the people were lovely, shopping, dining and the overall cleanliness of Cavill and all of the beaches was great.

Madelin B

Beautiful place, beautiful people

Aleesha E

i loved the gold coast, so much to do and see. cant wait to return

Ashleigh S

an amazing place!

Harrison J

Clearly the best holiday destination. no drams at all, everything is there in walking distance.

Jake M

Goldy is incredible. The lifestyle, the clubbing, the people. Couldn't speak more highly of a better place to stay for Schoolies.

Bethanie L

nothing like waking up to the beautiful weather and the beach!

Becky C

Really well organised :)

Nick P

Gold coast is amazing. best environment to have schoolies.

Zoe M

gold coast is the place to be for schoolies

Nick R


Dannielle L


Katie R

loved it!

Katy-Lee C

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's best locations so of course it deserves 5 stars.

Keegan S

Best beaches in the world heaps of stuff to do during the day. Loved every minute

Cameron W

Best place!!

Tammy S

Convenient location, convenience store across the road, close to Circle on Cavill, Cavill Ave and the beach

Melany J

5, schoolies provided the best week on the gold coast and it was amazing

Josh P

Heaps of fun available - very welcoming to out of town schoolies

Darian B

The destination was great.. Nice and peaceful.

Victoria P

The gold coast never fails to provide entertainment and a jam packed day. It provides anything anyone could want to do.

Olivia B

Gold Coast is the Gold Coast for ya!

Nathan S

Heaps to do and felt entirely safe.

Nick I

very peaceful and great weather

Ethan D

It's just one week of going off, what's not to love?

Dannielle M

Gold Coast is absolutely AMAZINGGGG

Hannah V

Everything is in range around Surfers Paradise. Beautiful beaches and easy destination.

Aimee B

Loved it! Was my first time experiencing the GC and it didn't disappoint.

Chloe M

The Gold Coast is the only place you can have Schoolies.It's the place to be, with a lot of activities to complete.

Terri K

Great spot, close to everything!

William M

IT IS AWESOME and really nice place to be in.

Gaby B

Great place for the event! Great, accepting locals, fantastic venues and energetic vibe!

Blake B

Gold Coast is awesome! :D


Very close to beach, short walk to city centre

Josh F


Jordan M

Great weather the whole time i was up there!

Caitlin T

Had a wonderful time!

Liam B

Awesome place to spend your time away.

Amber P

best place to go for schoolies by far!!

Elyssa T

Gold Coast is amazing for an holiday full stop.

Ryan W

Wouldn't go anywhere else for schoolies

Emily S

met up with lots of friends, the best place for schoolies

Alexandra H

The Gold Coast has everything. so many entertainment opportunities but you can also go to the beach to relax

Dylan P

Great beached, awesome clubs and just a lot of fun, mini golf and the hire scooters were a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.

Maddy B

I absolutely loved my stay at the gold coast, the atmosphere was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun holiday.

Aidan B

Gold Coast was amazing for schoolies.

Tom R

Such a party vibe about the place, everyone there was just keen to have a good time and go mental.

Natasha E

The beaches were beautiful to sunbathe and swim on and everything was so close together and a short walk.




Good beaches, surf and venues.


Gold Coast is a great place for schoolies

Steven J

There is so much to do at the coast, love waking up to the noise of the waves crashing




Best beach




Destination was amazing!


Great holiday destination. close to shops and beaches.


Everything is in close to proximity


Best place in Australia.

James F

The destination was superb because of its was capable of hosting schoolies.

Gerard M

Great location and amazing weather. Really enjoyed my schoolies there


Loved the Goldcoast. Absolutely the greatest holiday destination.

Jackson R

Love the Gold Coast , is amazing

Sarah R

The Gold Coast was alive with energy and there was always something to do.

Christopher G



Great place for schoolies - lots of entertainment, good beaches and clubs.

Brayden K

Plenty to do

Jack M

its gorgeous and they really do accommodate for the people




wouldnt go anywhere else

Nathan C

Best place ever!!!


Gold Coast is were everyone I knew was going making it the best.


Such an awesome place to go for schoolies! well worth the experience


Amazing place, loved the beaches

Steven R

Was a fun destination and memorable experience

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The Gold Coast is the premier destination spot for Schoolies Week. Around 30,000 Schoolies will flock to the Gold Coast to take part in the celebrations over a 3 week period.

Surfers Paradise has been hosting Schoolies Week for many years and it's getting bigger and better. On the Gold Coast, there's so much to keep you entertained, from beach parties, great nightlife, lots of places to eat, so much shopping and not to forget the gorgeous beach if you just want to laze about or go for a surf.

There's a wide variety of accommodation options; from low rise hotels to high rises, brand new apartments with state of the art features, ones that are right on the door step of Cavill Ave and ones that are right in the heart of the nightlife!

If you want to head into Broadbeach, the great shopping is at Pacific Fair which has over 300 stores! Here you will also find the Broadbeach Mall and Conrad Jupiters Casino.

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