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When Is Schoolies?

Traditionally high school graduates from around the country finish school in November over the course of three weeks, each week belonging to a particular state of Year 12's so they may party with their own fellow students.

Schoolies Queensland

Your last day of exams is the 18 November 2016 and your schoolies celebration begins the next day, so we recommend you travel to Schoolies in Week 1.

Schoolies NSW and Victoria

Your exams usually finish early November so you could travel whenever you choose, however each state usually attends schoolies as follows:

Schoolies Dates

2017 Schoolies Dates

  • Week 1 (18 - 25 Nov) - QLD Schoolies - Book Now
  • Week 2 (25 Nov - 3 Dec) - NSW & VIC Schoolies - Book Now
  • Week 3 (2 - 9 Dec) - NSW & VIC Schoolies - Book Now

Note: Please confirm your exam finishing dates with your Year 12 co-ordinator or the Department of Education in your state before booking.