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Going to Be 17 at Schoolies? Here's Everything You Need to Know 17 Jul 2018 by Grace J

If you're going to be 17 at Schoolies - don't panic! It's all good. Schoolies.com has designed schoolies to be suited for school leavers that are both under and over the age of 18. So if you are going to be 17, don't let that put you off going. You can still go to Schoolies and have a great time.  As long as you are of school leaving age, which is usually from 16 to 19, and you were meant to be graduating the year you wish to attend, then congratulations you are eligible to book the best week of your life with Schoolies.com!

Booking Accommodation When You’re Under 18

It's possible to book accommodation if you are under 18. Have your parents make the booking with you so that they are in the loop with the cost breakdown and all the inclusions. In terms of checking in, most hotels don’t mind that you are underage as long as you have agreed to the house rules. Others will require a copy of your parent’s driver’s licence or signed house rules that you need to print and bring with you. Don’t stress too much about knowing which of these you’ll need to do, as we will give you all the check-in instructions with your travel documents that you receive before you travel. Easy!

Partying at Schoolies When You’re Under 18

Schoolies.com is famous for its fabulous destinations and must-not-miss parties and events. A massive part of the schoolies experience is the parties, so we make sure ALL Schoolies, both underage and 18+, have an amazing lineup of parties and events to attend. It’s good to know that Queensland celebrates their schoolies week in week 1 and everywhere else, including NSW and VIC, celebrate in week 2. Some destinations do not have all-ages events, so it is good to know the ones that do. If you want to go to a schoolies destination that has all-ages events, then you should book either Gold Coast, Fiji, Airlie Beach, Byron Bay or Lorne. If you're unsure of where you're booking has all-ages events, just drop us a line and we will let you know!

What’s The Go for Parties on the Gold Coast

During Gold Coast week 1 schoolies (which is traditionally when Queensland leavers go to Schoolies), a lot of the schoolies are under 18. We have nightclub parties that are for all ages, so whether you are 18 or not you can enjoy partying with your entire schoolies group. We also have all ages pool parties at the Hilton Hotel which are awesome as well as our Nation Festival. Gold Coast week 2, the majority of school leavers are 18 or over, BUT we know there are the few of you that will be under 18 still, so we also have all age nightclub events as well in week 2, as well as the all ages Hilton Pool Party. The schoolies Nation Festival in week 2 is also all ages. See, SO many parties to attend if you're 17!

You can add party tickets to all ages and 18+ events to your booking after you have booked.

And for Other Destinations?

Fiji is amazing for all ages, it has daily pool parties and 7 nights of parties that are for all ages (wristbands are used for 18+ schoolies to use the bar). Lorne, in week 2, the Mantra Lorne hold all-ages parties in their hotel for 4 nights of the week, (18+Schoolies get a wristband, so they can use the bar). Phillip Island in week 2, the red frogs hold 3 nights of all ages parties in the Ramada Resort accommodation, which is available to book on our website. Byron Bay week 2 we have a pool party for all ages and in Airlie Beach we have all-ages events.

SO, To Sum Up

When making a Schoolies booking it is important to make sure you do your research on the correct week to book and the events held at that destination, so you can be sure that your group is going to enjoy it and get the most out of your schoolies week.

If you are not sure or have any questions about where to book, feel free to contact us at info@schoolies.com and we will help you sort out where is going to be the best place to celebrate schoolies week for you and your mates. SO what are you waiting for, book in your Schoolies week!

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