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Schoolies Info That Your Parents May Not Know (But Should!)

When it comes to getting the rents onside with your Schoolies plans, it can be difficult to get them feeling 100% comfortable with what may be your first adventure out into the big wide world. Understandably, they may be worried about what it’s going to be like, and if you are going to be safe.
We get it, and we are here to assure you that your safety is something that we take extremely seriously. Read on, and share with your parents this important Schoolies info to help put their minds at ease.
There’s a Game-Plan for Security
The team consider Schoolies safety at all stages of planning the event. There is a solid team of stakeholders that are there to have everyone’s back, and we have a solid game-plan when it comes to rolling out the event with schoolies-safety at the centre.
There is a 24-hour helpline for students and parents during Schoolies week
Each property has comprehensive security arrangements
All Schoolies that book with are issued ID photo passes, that ensures only Schoolies get access to event zones and properties.
When it comes to the parties and events, the professional venue teams that have their own additional levels of security, as well as support from local organisations such as police, emergency services, officials and volunteers
Long story short, we’re all over it!

Red Frogs for the Win

The Red Frogs are a bunch of legends, who make their way en-mass to Schoolies every year to pitch in with the effort to keep Schoolies safe, happy and filled with sugar (in the form of Allens Red Frogs!).
These guys are on the ground 24/7, helping Schoolies get home, cooking pancakes, visiting (and cleaning!!) hotel rooms, and just offering general support to anyone who needs it.
To learn more about who these guys are, and the awesome work they do, check out their website here.

Expectation vs Reality

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to what really goes on at Schoolies. Yes, it is a celebration, but it’s not just a wild, 24/7 party.
Depending on what destination they choose to head to, Schoolies days are filled up sunbathing and swimming on the beach, relaxing by hotel pools, shopping and exploring the towns they head to, hitting up the cafes and restaurants and exploring tourist attractions to name just a few. There is so much more to Schoolies week than we are sometimes led to believe!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Each year we get feedback from Schoolies and their parents on how the felt about the event. Check out some firsthand reviews from past parents, on how they felt about safety at Schoolies.

Got questions? Get in touch!

If you or your parents still have questions about what to expect at Schoolies week, feel free to drop us a line. You can email or find more info here. 

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